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Ohio Northern University new bear


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they sent me crap all the time as well. One letter was actually to get me to play baseball there. I don't know why they would want me. I had a 200 batting in two years of varsity, and i'm not exactly Ozzie Smith in the field.

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Well, I hate ONU but that's because I went to John Carroll, so I'm contractually obligated to hate all the other schools in the Ohio Athletic Conference (ESPECIALLY Baldwin-Wallace). LOL

Seriously, though... they're Division III... not too focused on the athletics, or their logos, generally. So you can kinda give them a break, as they generally can't afford lots of money for a professional re-design, and tend to rely on designs by students.

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I'm hoping they go in the bucky badger route.

Heres one of their logo variations which bears (no pun intended) a striking resemblance to bucky.


take a closer look...from the neck down, that IS Bucky :cursing: same sweater, same hands, same legs (only differences are ONU coloration on the sweater and no black stripe on the leg)


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