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Bengals wearing black on black


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I know its not huge news, but I was hoping we might get rid of one of the NFL's most horrible looks, via superstition; in other words, that they might abandon this uniform combo since Palmer got injured wearing it in the playoffs last year.


btw - I used to think Randy Cross was the worst color analyst, hands down, but Theismann is giving him a run for his money. Here are a couple of gems, from the first quarter...

"This is the worst start, for a quarterback I've ever seen." - Ever, Joe? Really? A preseason game?

"(Palmer) has to feel so comfortable right now." - Right Joe, nothing says comfortable like playing your first game after a career threatening injury...

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"(Palmer) has to feel so comfortable right now."  - Right Joe, nothing says comfortable like playing your first game after a career threatening injury...

In general, I agree with you, and I think Theismann is a tool. However, I have to agree that Palmer looks totaly comfortable tonight. Look at his numbers as I write this:

9-14 140 yds, 3 TD's

Even when he's been knocked down, he's sprung right back up, and gotten right back into the play. I don't think you can ask for any more from him. Rip on Theismann all you want, but this isn't one of those cases...


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ugghhh... the white side panels look even worse in this scheme... I'm all for halloween colors.. but blech!!

another observation.. with more teams in the league now in black cleats rather than white... the pack looks very out of place for such a storied franchise... the white boot look is terrible... bring back the five-stripe "sleeves".. and for the love of God adopt black cleats...


"ny football giants unis... simplistic excellence"

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The Bengals black-on-black unis have enough color balance to not irritate me too much. There are definitely worse examples of monochrome sets used.

Exactly. I don't like the white stripe, but if you look at the uniform as a whole, it's very balanced.

On the top you have mostly black and a chunk of orange with black stripes.

That transistions into white and stripes down the side of the black jersey.

You then change back to the chunk of orange with black stripes set against a black background on their pants.


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Did anyone notice that the three front stripes on Palmer's helmet were pushed too far toward the front of the helmet? They weren't spaced out properly. No big deal, I don't guess, but it was a bit distracting. You'd think the equipment manager or whoever would've stuck enough of these things on to have it down perfectly.

I don't have a photo handy.

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Do you think the players feel silly suiting up for each game? Esp when they play a classic uni team like the Packers..

I'm sure they felt silly beating up on a classic team like the Packers. :P

Fact is the members of this board tend to favor designs that are outdated and out of sync with the public at large. My guess is that many players love these modern designs. As long as they are not effeminate, they're indifferent to specific changes. The only old school look focused on by players is black cleats, an homage to the greats of the past.

As for the public at large favoring the newer designs, they're right. Uniform designs aren't for the hard-core sports fan. They'll buy team apparel regardless of specific colors or designs used. It's for the casual fan, where color and design is the make or break in selling merchandise.

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