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VOTE: Logolympiad Event #5

winters in buffalo

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Here are the 6 entries from this event. What we lack in quantity, we got in quality.

Pick your top 3.

As a reminder, criteria was:

Design a logo for Penultimate Games - a fictional video game company based in Clearwater, Florida. Most of their games are multiplayer action games, but cover a variety of themes.

They want something flashy? maybe with metallic effects or gradients?they didn?t really specify, just said "flashy". While that may work for their full color game packaging, they?ll need other versions to be practical for a variety of uses.

Post 4 versions. Full color, solid color(no gradients/effects), black on a light background, and white on a dark background.

Polls close Sunday at 8 PM EDT.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

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You should have stated whether this was for a game developer (like Tiburon) or for a game publisher (like EA), as they tend to have two different styles. Nevertheless, here we go...

Gold- 5... Would be perfect for a game developer, especially for multiplayer games. The flag (obviously a nod to Capture the Flag) seals the deal for me. A company that uses its logo as a nod to the game mode everyone loves...

Silver- 1... It looks like a classy design like you'd see from VivendiUniversal (That's not a typo, folks), Codemasters, or EA.

Bronze- 3... You could say that the same thought process in 5 went into 3, but it looks more like something you'd see from a company that sells peripherials than one who develops or publishes games. Colour me picky, but it's my choice!

Regardless, great job by everyone. I had some ideas (Queerly enough, close to Entry 5! :blink: ), but had too much stuff to do to actually put on paper.

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