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Final voting: legendary war 1


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The day is here. Many warriors have fallen, and we are left with 2. It is time for us to choose who is the ultimate warrior, Warlord I. This has been a great contest so far with many great matchups and it continues in our final. Here's how our finalists arrived here:

The 2nd seeded Freedom Bowl defeated the 15th seeded Soup Bowl 12-1 in round one.

In the 2nd round Freedom routed the 10th seeded Empire Bowl (2) 14-1.

In the Fatal Four, Freedom edged the 3rd seeded Heart of America Bowl 6-5.

The 5th seeded Razor Bowl defeated the 12th seeded Bread Bowl 12-1 in the opener.

In the 2nd round Razor defeated it's toughest opponent, the 4th seeded Kudzu Bowl 8-7.

In the Fatal Four, Razor beat the 8th seeded Salad Bowl like a red headed step child 10-1.

So that brings us to this, our first Legendary War Final. Voting will end at 5 pm est Friday, January 9. Please vote, and tell your friends.

Legendary War I Final

2 Freedom Bowl

5 Razor Bowl

For Fun if you want vote for our Consolation Matchup.

For 3rd Place

3 Heart of America Bowl

8 Salad Bowl

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Razor and Hoa

Just for S&G, My favorites in order were:







No idea how Salad made it so far.

because everyone needs a little roughage in their diet....



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