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Chief's Ridiculous NFL Helmet Project


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Throughout this project, I will be taking all 32 NFL teams and dreaming up a new, ridiculous helmet design. You may see design elements repeat (here you see a wrap-around effect on the Seahawks and Bucs). You may also recognize a few of my helmets as I might be redoing a few from my NFL Revolution project (the Panthers, for example).

Keep in mind, these are supposed to be a bit off the wall. I'm taking a lot of time on this, so I'd appreciate your comments if you have any:




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I LOVE the Panthers helmet. You kight try to make the facial features thicker--from a distance, they may be difficult to see.

The Seahawks one is odd--on the right picture, the stripes seem to wrap around both the back and the front of the helmet. But on the left picture, there is no stripe wrapping around the front. You should either wrap the stripe the whole way around or truncate it somewhere on the other side.

The problem with the Buccaneers one is that, while it is an interesting design, there is no angle from which you can view the helmet where you can see the whole logo. Logos are meant to be seen in whole, not in part, especially on uniforms.

Nice effort, though; I can't wait to see what's next!

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Thanks guys. You know, I thought the Seahawks helmet looked strange, and not only because he has an abnormally long neck.


--I had some time this evening to finish up the next set. First, the Buffalo Bills. Pretty obvious, you probably could have guessed what I was going to do. I kinda like how the red stripe comes off the horn and swoops behind the helmet, matching the logo. Next, we have the Bengals. They already have one of the greatest helmets in the league, and was considered silly at the time of its unveiling. So what do you do? Make it even sillier. I guess essentially this means the player's face is the tiger's ass............moving on. The last helmet here is number one on my list of hated teams, but darn it if I don't like messing around with their identity. I've done the mane on the helmet in my NFL Revolution project, but I updated it with a different layout and numbers on the helmet. Why? I don't know.




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i know this is a futuristic radical redesign but that bengals one looks more tame than the bengals current helmet. but theirs is pretty radical as is, so theres not much you can do with the bengals to make them more radical. The bucs one is probably my favorite of all these.

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Tonight I hit Houston, Atlanta, and Jacksonville. Starting with the Texans, we have a not-so-out-there concept featuring the bull's horns (you may have seen a cruder version of this I did a while back) in two different colors to match the logo. On to the Falcons, we've seen teams use the wings coming out of the facemask, but in this concept I tried to give the impression that (to match the logo) the bird on the helmet is swooping down on its prey. I imagine the top of the helmet is simply black, with the second wing originating from there. The Jags... I went a little overboard with. Obviously, in this case, who WOULDN'T use the jaguar spots? I just added an eye to make at least a little intimidating. The teal on the facemask sort of represents the tongue.




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