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If the American Football League had been formed in 1934


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Guest darkpiranha

Great job, I'd love to see you do this for newer current teams as well, like the Jags and Panthers.

One other request. Could you include the team names for each of these? I couple of them I can figure out, but the others I'd have to look up a listing of old AFL teams.

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Those are FANTASTIC!!

My only point of comment is that the Broncos of the AFL originally started out as Brown and Yellow. I'd love to see your cool interpretation in those colors....

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I appreciate the positive comments.

Yes, I recall that the Broncs started out with yellow and brown unis, but I preferred to go with the splashy blue and orange anyhow. Still, I'd be fun to make a yellow and brown uni.

Kansas City Chiefs:


Miami Dolphins:


Cincinnati Bengals:


Still to come, the NY Jets? Since there were no jets in 1934, I may give them another name or stick with Titans.

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This is some of the best work ever seen on this board.

If you're taking requests (B) ) I'd really like to see the Saints. Obviously they weren't around back then, having entered the NFL in 1967, and it would be interesting to see your take on what they would have looked like.

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I am sincerely impressed with these concepts. They fit the period perfectly.

If Jets weren't an option, how about "Aces" to keep up with the aviation theme?

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