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A National 8-Man Football League


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Hey guys!

Hows it goin with you all? I'm ok. I was looking at some high school prep links when I came along some 8-Man football leagues and I thought, "would'nt it be cool if there was a pro league for that?" I know what you guys are thinking, that Arena Football takes care of that, but Im not thinking of Arena (I cant remember if there's 8 in Arena or not...). Im thinking of real 8-man football with real sized fields and outdoor (maybe some indoor) stadiums. I figured, heck why not give it a go! So, right now, all I have are team names, colors, and divisions. C&C, re-location or expansion ideas, and naming or re-naming suggesions are much appreciated and encouraged. Thanks and hope you like it!

- Western Division

Colorado Aeros - Dark Teal, Navy, Red, Metallic Silver (that greenish silver the Cowboys use)

Utah Bucks - Hunter Green, Light Brown, Cream, White

Phoenix ???? (looking for something western that isnt overused) - ?????

San Diego Wavemakers - Navy, Sky Blue, Teal, Silver - logo and identity to bear neptune, god of the sea

- Pacific Division

Los Angeles Bears - Red, White, Black, Brown (only on logo, none on uniform) - Logo and colors are to resemble CA state flag

San Jose Samurai - Black, Crimson, Gold

Seattle Northmen - Forest Green, Navy, Silver, White (kinda like the Canucks colors but with darker shades)

Vancouver ????? - ?????

- Southern Division

Kansas City Marshals - Black, Goldenrod, White

Houston Metros - Orange, Black, White

Tennesee Blues - Faded Navy, Silver, White

Texas ???? (something that has to do with Texan independence - like a soldier or something) - Navy, Red, White, Silver

- Central Division

St. Louis Stallions - Dark Purple, Gold, White

Chicago Cyclones - Black, Grey, White

Milwaukee Bolts - Forest Green, Red, White

Minnesota Polarises - Dark Green, Silver, White

Toronto ????-????

- Eastern Division

Philadelphia Independence - Royal, Red, Silver, White

Washington Presidents - Navy, Crimson, White

Boston Indians (after Boston Tea Party, when Patriots dressed as Indians dumped british tea off ships) - ?????

Atlanta Transpos - Red, Bronze, Black

Miami ????? - ?????

Ok, now after looking at this, I only have 5 divisions istead of an even 4 or 6. Right off the bat if you have any suggestions as to how to fix this, let me know.

But most of all, I'd like feedback on how you guys like this and ideas for changes. As stated before, relocation, expansion, team naming and re-naming ideas are stongly encouraged. I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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Those are some good ones, imperfect. I'll definetely consider them. I think I'll take the LoneStars and put that into effect. IDK about Miami Vice, though. There was an arena football team a long time back that used that name (but spelled "Vise"), so for that reason I dont think I'll use it. If you have any other ideas for Miami, let me know. I appreciate your ideas!

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The Texas franchise is now the LoneStars.

I am still waiting for other ideas for the following franchises:





I am also in need of suggestions for the Boston Indians franchise's colors. Let me know what you think!

Vancouver Villains

Miami Makos (like the species of shark)

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Hey Spearhead, I liked it and I think it fits perfectly with the franchise. You being from "The Republic Of Texas" should know that. But I respect your opinion and If you'd like to suggest another name, I would gladly like to hear it. I'm not saying I'd change it, but this is about the opinions of everyone and your part of that so I'd like ot hear your ideas.

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Oh, sorry donjuan. I forgot to explain that one, and I shouldve for that one is the one that needs an explanation the most. Way back in the day, Atlanta used to be a major transportation industry, especially by train. I named them Transpos, short for Transportationists, after the city's industrial history. I read about it in an encyclopedia.

If anything ever comes to mind, feel free to submit it.

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WHAT?!? No New York franchise?

Anyway, here are my suggestions for the nicknames of the teams mentioned.

Western Division

Colorado Mountaineers

Utah Moose

Phoenix Scorpions

San Diego Breakers

- Pacific Division

Los Angeles Grizzlies

San Jose Samurai

Seattle Aviators

Vancouver Explorers

- Southern Division

Kansas City Marshals

Houston Metros

Tennessee Blues

Texas Generals

- Central Division

St. Louis Stallions

Chicago Cyclones

Milwaukee Bolts

Minnesota North Stars

Toronto Blizzard

- Eastern Division

Philadelphia Freedom

Washington Federals

Boston Indians

Atlanta Express

Miami Tropics

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Perfect place for a TV deal? ESPN 8: The Ocho. :)

I'm bored so I'll play along... offering a few suggestions.

Denver Demons instead of Colorado Mountaineers

Utah Pioneers instead of Utah Moose

San Jose Shakers instead of Samurai... Shakers as in earthquakes... I dunno.

Vancouver and Seattle are too close to one another. In real life they'd never put teams that close.

Texas Vaqueros instead of Generals.

Tennessee Tuxedos, Nashville Notes or Memphis Melodies instead of Tennessee Blues.

Chicago Wind beats Cyclones. When'd you ever see a cyclone in Chicago?

Milwaukee Millers rather than Bolts. Nice corporate tie-in.

Minnesota and Toronto's names both evoke their NHL/NASL predecessors.

Philadelphia and Washington: see Minnesota and Toronto.

Miami's name should evoke something aimed at the Hispanic market.

Just my 2 cents.

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Wow, those are alot of suggestions. I'm mulling over the Lonestars name. I really like it, but it seems like no one else does. So I think that I will change that. I am also considering moving a franchise to New York. I hadnt realized that I forgot to place a team in NY. I made a name and colors and everything and I guess I just spaced it. I'm considering relocation because I dont want to have too many teams in one division (NY would obviously play in the east, then making 6 teams). If I am to move a team, which team should it be? (Dont pick Utah because thats my homestate and I'll put my foot down to make sure they dont move. Sorry, just have a bunch of Utah pride.)

As for other franchises, I have decided to keep Colorado's identity as the Aeros, mainly in part after Fort Collins Air Force base, where I believe that the Air Force Academy is located. Seattle, Utah, and Boston will also keep thier identities (Northmen, Bucks, and Indians respectively). Los Angeles may be renamed "Grizzlies", but if so, the LA franchise will keep thier colors and logo I have set for them. Tennessee will more than likely keep Blues, but it is still open for suggestion. Milwaukee has a good reason to be named the Bolts, but I forget what it is. If I can find my explanation, Bolts will probably stay. If not, then I might change, but thats a tiny might. The rest of the franchises are still open for suggestion.

I also have concerns with these teams -

Phoenix - no idea for a name

Vancouver - move? or stay?

Boston Indians - what colors?

Toronto - "Towerheads" is a possibility, but looking for other possible ideas

Miami - Will either change location name to Florida, keep as Miami, or move. Still unsure about name and colors. The suggestions are good, but i'm still unsure.

Keep suggesting!

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lets see what i kind of ideas i can cook up for you:

Phoenix Wonders-Purple, White, Gold

The Vancouver Elite-Navy, Orange, Yellow

Toronto Toxins-Just Red and White, like the Red Wings.

Miami Mutineers-Use Pewter, Red, and Black.(sshhhhh)

and i like Atlanta Express better than Transpos (Expos, Mets, and Astros all cringe at that name)

thank me later :P

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Thanks, eRay. I'll consider them. But I do need to ask - what identity would I use for "Toxins"? Meaning what would I have as a logo or mascot? I love the colors for Toronto, infact I think I'll adopt them no matter what I choose. Red and White is a good representation for any Canadian team. Youre right on the Atlanta one, too. Transpos still sounds cool to me, but I think too many people would ask what the crap a Transpo was instad of watching the game. I wont have it set in stone, but Express sounds good. Thanks JH42XCC for suggesting that! Keep it up guys! I appreciate it!

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I would highly consider realigning your league. First you have an odd number of divisions, which could work, but two of the divisions have 5 teams while the other 3 have 4 teams. Plus it could get confusing having a Pacific and Western divisions. Also, what made you come up with 22 teams? Just wondering.

Here is how I would do it:

Atlantic Division





New York*


Central Division

St. Louis

Kansas City





Mountain Division






Las Vegas**

Pacific Division

Los Angeles

San Diego



San Jose


*-Moved Miami to New York

**-Added Portland and Las Vegas to make league even

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Texas Tornadoes/Twisters/Cyclones or Hurricanes, we have those.

Texas ...

... Wranglers

... Toros

... Rough Riders

... 36ers

... Wildcaters (as in oil) or Oilers or Drillers

... Warhorses or Horsemen

... Javalinas (mean little razorback hog)

Or go against the grain:

Texas Ironmen ...

... Warriors

... Rhinos

... Rock Crushers

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