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Happy birthday

Notch Novelty

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there's no law about wearing gloves while handling food... we're a very clean people   :cool:

happy birthday, and an early happy birthday to another certain poster who's celebrating tomorrow... you know who you are!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I hope your day was a special one.  I remember my 19th B-day,  mmmm that was, let's see, 42  minus, 19, carry the one 12 - 9, wait, maybe I'm suppose to divide, or is it, multiple.  

Either way, it was a while back,  enjoy being 19, it only last a year. lol :D   Have a piece of cake for me.

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NJ has this dumb law where you have to be 17 to get your drivers license not 16.

Missouri has been talking about going to 17 - Unfortunately for you younger guys, I agree with 17.  I have only the insurance #'s and my experience to base that upon.

I was 14 when I started driving with a permit in Kansas (1975). :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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