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Which is the one where he's talking about the villagers? My personal fave so far...

"You did a great joaearb!" :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Let's make this into a Homestar Runner appreciation thread.


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The question I have is... where's sbemail100, eh?!

Teen Girl Squad #5 took over this week... wasn't bad ("3 piece?", "SAILING MISHAP!")... I'm guessing they're gearing up for something big for SB Email 100.

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Striving and Sometimes fighting, Wondering what the Dumple is, Excellence and what is Valor? and the Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club. C-G-N-U Me? Go DUMPLES.

I'd be totally into a stick of gum.

"We had that light switch installed so you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw your own private raves. Now, thats go break a part that glow stick and pour it in Homestar Runners Mountain Dew."

"And I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever write a song about the Sibbie"

"I Freakin Hate Sibbie"

"Do you has? Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy?"

Marzipan- Strongbad how long have you been out here?

SB- Oh, about 6 to 8 hours

Marzipan- You know your supposed to turn over ever 15 minutes right?

SB-Why would I want to tan my back? There's no Abs to obsentuate




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[sing]Trogdor was a man...errr maybe he was a dragon-man...errr maybe he was just a dragon...uh..but he was still TROGDOR!!![/sing]

well this morning coach I've been mostly using this one...hey fish..hey fish...i'm gonna reccomend you guys c'mon up in the boat...we've got a keg...of worms...and fitoplankton...anyone who's everyone's up in here...

[sings]C'mon and get in the boat fish; c'mon and get in the boat fish, fish

C'mon and get in the boat fish; c'mon and get in the boat fish, fish[/sings]

Coach Z: [not singing] Oh...they got in the boat...fish, fish[/still not singing]

[sB again]Your welcome to try the jig thing if you want. Though it might work better with the ladies. [sings]C'mon and come to my house ladies; c'mon and come to my house girls, girls[/sings]

Actually I don't really know anything about the ladies either. [funny because he types this part too]I mean I do! I mean-WHGT! JGTH! YES I'M AWESOME![/funny b/c blah blah] [runs off]

HR: Hey StrongSad, Batman. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for breaking my cow lamp.

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