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NBA All Star 2010 jerseys


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so it seems that everyone enjoys the AS10 logo, so i wanted to capture a similar aesthetic with the jerseys...here's what I came up with:



CnC please....some colors need changing? maybe sizes of certain elements...

also, here's a better look at the star logo i made and an AS10 wordmark...couldnt think of anything for secondary logos (ideas?):


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Yea I agree flip flop either the jersey stripes or the shorts stripes to make them matchup.

Top notch job, simple design (compared to other AS jerseys) which I like, good job here.



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Really like them. I don't think they need to be too much crazier, but one thing I'd love to see is some shoulder yokes. For instance, on the front of the West jersey, above the wordmark, make the shoulders colored in red. On the back, make the shoulders colored in gold. Translate it to the East too, and I think it'd look pretty cool.


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What's funny is--and I won't be the least bit surprised, if the side panels look almost exactly like that. Awesome job man.

I agree with this. When I saw the logos first, it ran into my mind that the AS10 jersey may have that spotlight illusion. Great work on the first one. But I find the second try a bit busy because of that 4 stripes.



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