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BCS Championship Game


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Oklahoma isn't going to last long if they use the no-huddle the rest of the game. They won't be able to rest their defense.

That's how they play, though. That's how they've done it all season. You are right, though, about resting the defense -- but they're not winning if they don't up a lot of points. They do have the benefit of, I would imagine, more TV timeouts and a longer halftime, too.

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It's now happened for both teams (I think), so this is not a point of unfairness, but I really don't understand the enforcement of a couple dead ball personal fouls tonight.

In each case it came after the offense gained a first down. Then after the play a dead ball personal foul was called.

Instead of the next play being 1st and 25, it was 1st and 10 just 15 yards back.

Does that make sense to anybody? If these had occurred after 2nd down with 4 yards still to go, I'm quite certain the ensuing play would be 3rd and 19 and not 3rd and 4 just 15 yards back.

I think the refs have it wrong. If not, the rules are screwy.

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