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Discrimibattle St. Patrick's Day Battle


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The Iron Crossover/DiscrimiBattle special has now ended, and we had a small controversy where vladdy, epper and Sabres were tied atop the perch. lacking a better avenue, i had to use paynomind's critique to decide who took it, epper being the victor. This week, it's St. Patrick's Battle time and it's also rules time:

1) only one jersey required

2) leagues not allowed: NFL, CFL, NFL Europe, MLS

3) NBA jerseys must be white or light color, NHL jerseys cannot be white, MLB jerseys cannot be gray, Arena jerseys must be a color.

4) deadline for entry is thursday, march 19, 8:00 pm central

now that you know the general rules, let's see what you're made of! top of the 'noon to ya!

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You say ONLY one REQUIRED. Does that mean ONLY one ALLOWED?

Also, you might want to ban a throwback to the old Toronto St. Pats as well.

just one required, since usually teams only have one of these, interpret it as one allowed.

and consider a St. Pats throwback banned too...come to think of it, if somebody decides to do soccer you cannot do Celtic. and no national teams either! B)

lucky: somehow i don't think this is yours to enter;)

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Are colleges allowed?  Because I'd imagine we should also ban the use of Notre Dame.  Just a thought.

colleges are allowed, so i gotta ban my irish too.

critiquing a little, good job astrobull, it's simple yet not simple...and if i just looked at chazberg and puckcool, i'd guess it's sloshed NHL mascot day :hockeysmiley: chaz, i wasn't aware that ilya was irish :D

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