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Stanford And Gonzaga Fall...

See Red

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Well, 2 of the 3 most overrated teams in the country have fallen. It's funny how Alabama was the first good team they played and 'Bama beat em'. I guess this just proves my thought that anyone that picked Stanford to go to the Final Four is........ retarded.

And Gonzaga got killed by Nevada 91-72. When will the people learn to stop giving these teams high seeds just because they didn't play anyone and had very very very good records?

I guess St. Josephs is next as they barely beat a Texas Tech that's not all that good.


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My Phoenix top half is all dead Standfor and maryland were who i had out fo today...... hopefully uconn comes out of there, or i'm screwed.

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IM in the same bopat I had Maryland beating STanford in the Sweet 16 round and both of them are out.

Gonzaga does not hurt me taht bad since I had them losing to Michigan State any way it just evens things out a bot I guess <_<



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4 of my Sweet Sixteen teams are out...Providence, Gonzaga, Stanford & Maryland. I had Stanford to win the West/Phoneix bracket. I'm perfect so far with my East Rutherford bracket, though...as of games played through this post, I'm 30-10 (I think there was 40 games so far), but I have another 6 more losses to come (thanks Stanford).

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In our Yahoo group, my casualties:

Sweet 16 - Providence, Gonzaga, Mississippi State, Stanford

Elite 8 - Gonzaga, Mississippi State

Final 4 - Gonzaga

Championship Game - none (picked Oklahoma State over Duke)

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My bracket is blown to pieces.

But at least Syracuse won.

Go Orange!

All I have to say is the 2 cinderella teams of the tournament UAB and Alabama. Now that would be a game in a half in the championship game. One of the brackets I filled out had that happening even though it was my fantasy bracket. LOL

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