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Pepsi Hockey


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Update 1

Recolored the blues outside the logo to navy.








I tried making the sock stripes match the jersey but I feel it didn't come out 100% alike.

I am going to make a new alternate using one of the classic logos. Also does anyone know if Pepsi has any other logos then the one I used. I need some shoulder patches.

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This is perfect, I love it! If Pepsi sponsored a hockey team, this is how it should look. My only complaint is I think that blue should be the primary color on the jerseys. Or you could use the dark blue/navy that is on the bottles as a trim color.

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We've had a couple of soft drink concept threads in the past. I think I started one (and never finished ^_^) a while back.

BBTV is right, again, the blue not inside the "smile" needs to be navy. But other than that, great work.

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actually if you want the uniform set to coincide with the labeling, you should have just used a solid colored jersey and slapped a logo on it and called it done. :grin:

obviously i'm being fallous, but i really like how the striping flows with the logo. you actually made pepsi look exciting.

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Since they have the three different sized smiles it would be a cool idea to put a different smile on each jersey. Not sure how to decide which goes where but it could be a good look.

I was thinking of a black pepsi max one

Matching the smile size to the color of the jersey would be great! Make the navy the home, white would be the road jersey with the slim-smile, and have a black Max one with the largest smile. Great set! Great work!

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