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I thought I'd throw in my hat in the concept website.

Braden's Concepts

(03/24 @ 1PM Added Hurricanes concept)

I've shown my Canucks and Panthers concepts before. That Islanders concept is an updated version of the VERY first concept I posted here over a year ago.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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My fave is the Coyotes...

I remember making something very similar to your Dallas Stars' concept and getting burned big-time, but I still like it (although I'm biased for aforementioned reasons). :hockeysmiley:

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couple thoughts,

NYI- i really like this one, just changing the colours worked out really well

TB- i love it, but not with that much mesh, but good colours

Coyotes - very ncie

Stars - looks good, i like that crest

Bruins- very old school look, nice

I like the idea with the Blue Jackets unis, but the lime green striping is too much

Over-all, nice stuff

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I really like the Lightning set, but I'm not a fan of the mesh look ( but mostly because the mesh gets exaggerated by the contrast of the outline in this template).

The Islanders and Bruins would make nice classic-looking alts.

Vancouver needs work - I think the logo ruins the V look.

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Lightning is the best, but like the others have said, the side panels don't work.

You need to work on the jersey cuts(all those gray lines). On the TB jersey for example, it has the same cut as the Wild, which makes no sense of this jersey which doesn't have arm length stripes that match. A simple basic rounded shoulders cut(like NYI, for example), would be best.

Some interesting work.

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That Canes jersey is great! I do miss the hurricane flag design on it though. The tapered stripes are very dynamic, but you i'd like to see the flag squares on the bottom so it doesn't look too much liife Buffalo. With the same colors you made a very distinct design, but adding the flags will make it even more different than the Sabres.

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