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2009 NFL Teams Anniversary Logos


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Titans my fav, though I'd have made the Oilers logo a shadow.

I like San Diego, but it's a little too tall with some wasted "white" space.

I like Denver as well.

Oakland is to top heavy with the logo up there.

New England too tall and busy.

Kansas City's is a snore.

And while I don't like Buffalo's, I would have had the red bar with the dates match the shape & angle of the red bar on the current logo.

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If they're all going to wear both the AFL 50th anniversary patch and their own team's patch as well, then my goodness the Jets jerseys are going to be cluttered. I feel the Broncos should've added their old school horse D logo, but all in all there's quite a few nice patches in this set.

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What are those five little nubs on the Raider logo?

Three big "nubs" for their Super Bowl wins, and the two little ones for just winning the AFC title .... or at least that's my guess.

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The Jets is horrible, because of the awkward way they put the number completely inside of the oval.

The Patriots is pretty bad too, only because there is one too many logos on there. The thought process is sound, but the final product is just too much IMO. Don't like the tall-skinny number font either.

Chargers is fantastic, for all the reasons already mentioned in this thread.

Raiders is very solid - Assuming the small diamonds are for AFC championships?

For some reason that I can't really articulate, I really really like the Bills one. Maybe because it's not symmetrical, maybe because the number style evokes the '60s / '70s, maybe it's the gold trim, maybe it's the subtle old buffalo inside the 0, I'm not sure. I just know that I like it. It has too logos, like the Patriots, but I think they pulled it off much better. It helps that the logos are more "iconic", and less detailed.

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