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New State Flag Proposal


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that'd be a better flag without the text on it... there's no such thing as a good flag with text on it

c'mon ICS... I thought you were the board's resident vexiology man, i plan on taking that title from ya :)

i left it on there simply because the actual flag has the text on it.

dont blame me, blame whoever it was who designed the flag to begin with


and if it doesnt look good, call it to THA GOVERNATOR'S attention :D

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All THREE of Georgia's official state flags that we have had over the past 4 years...


A little history lesson for you about why we've had three...

First version: The black community found the confederate flag offensive and wanted it changed. A huge uprising occurs consisting of people who want the heritage of the confederacy preserved and object to the flag being changed. Despite this, and under pressure from the NAACP to change it immediately, Roy Barnes signs a bill that makes it through the entire Georgia legislature in only six days, making the flag change official. Georgia citizens are not given the chance to vote on which flag they preferred. A new flag (the second version) is very quietly raised over the state capital on January 31, 2001.

Second version: This was designed to be a "compromise" flag. The black community is still not satisfied because the new flag includes a very miniscule version of the old confederate version at the bottom in an attempt to show the evolution of Georgia's state flag. Many businesses and residents, in opposition to the change, refuse to fly the new flag and continue to fly the first version. Sonny Perdue, at the time, a candidate in the state governor's election, promises to allow Georgians to vote on the flag issue if and when he gets elected. Voters, angered at Barnes for not letting them choose, elect Perdue. (I'm sure that's not the only reason, but that's what everyone around here thinks.)

Third version: Governor Perdue makes good on his promise, only he hits a snag. The Georgia Constitution states that the flag must be determined by the "General Assembly." Apparently, Perdue didn't know this. (Shouldn't a governor be aware of his own state's Constitutional boundaries?) So, a bill is passed specifying a third version of the flag. Perdue includes a little sidenote on this bill that will let Georgians vote on the flag they want. So they do, but to many voters' dismay, the only flags on the ballot are the second version and the proposed third version, and not the first version that many people wanted. Since everyone hated the second version, the third version easily won and was approved as Georgia's state flag.

Have I ever mentioned that I greatly dislike Georgia?

EDIT: The Dixon/Perdue problem has been fixed. ^_^

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Yeah, dude.. who is Sonny Dixon?

ahhh.. i bet it is your local newscaster.....

Newscaster - Sonny Dixon

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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