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A Little Backwards This Time


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Well, I was asked to design a logo for an adult hockey team... they wanted a "Yeti"-type look... This is where I'm netting out on the logo... It needs a couple more tweeks, but overall almost final...


Now they want me to come up with a team name... I have supplied several, none of which they where crazy about...

Any help would be great...

Thanks! :hockeysmiley:

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First off, let me start by saying, this is some awesome work. I like the color combo to the far right.

As for a name, how about, the Icemen? Kinda cheesey, but the first name I thought about without even reading the name at the bottom was the Yettis.

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Awesome job on the logo, dude.. kick ass work.

#2 color set, fo' sho'


I like the Yetti, but I'm guessing they nixed that...





Flakes (lol)

Icecaptains (give yetti a hat)




The Storm

Hagar the Horrible


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aengre's NABA team is called the Arctic Menace... I think that works well for a yeti logo.

That yeti's got quite the bottom lip. ^_^ Nice work. All three are nice, although I think the image shows up best with black, all hatred of black notwithstanding.

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