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The ugliest piece of Bills apparel I've ever seen in my life

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Not only is it horrendously designed, but it also has the NFC logo on it. It can be yours for just $69.99! I'd like to get a look at the type of shameless individual who would buy and wear such an atrocious piece of clothing. You could pay me $69.99 and I still wouldn't put this piece of :censored: on.




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It's like NASCAR. You have at least 12 separate logos on there (approx. 5 unique ones.)

I never understood the conference logos on league apparel. Are you showing that you're a fan of that conference? Or are you showing anyone who sees you in the shirt that they play in the NFC or AFC, just in case they didn't know? I get the league logo (don't like it, but get it) but not the conference logos or the divisional banners that sometimes are used.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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