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ESCC Italy: Voting


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Hey guys, the waiting is over! Here are the submissions I received from the people who sent concepts in for this round. Anyone with 100+ posts can vote for their top 3. Using the point system(1st-3 points, 2nd- 2 points, 3rd- 1 point). The 3 teams with the highest amount will advance to the final tournament. Then 4th place in each round will be in a wild card showdown. People who entered can vote, but not for themselves. I personally wont vote.

If you did not enter your design, but signed up, your amount of concepts carry over. So you can do concepts in the 4 rounds coming up.

Voting will last until next Monday afternoon.

Here's the entries!

1. lich0037- Verona FC


2. curswine- Unione de Sicilia


3. KaTo- Torino Toro FC


4. raysox- Olympico Roma


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1 - TalktoChuck - Unione Sportiva Milano

2 - KaTo - Torino Toro FC

3 - lich0037- Verona FC

This was a tough decision, same with Spain. Everybody's done a great job with these designs.



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Italy voting results

1. TalktoChuck- Unione Sportiva Milano- 28 Points

2. lich0037- Verona FC- 25 Points

3. KaTo- Torino Toro FC- 12 Points


4. raysox- Olimpico Roma- 8 Points

4. arius85- Catania Football Club- 8 Points

6. FlakeBrand- AS Parma- 4 Points

7. curswine- Unione de Sicilia- 1 Point

So arius, and I tied at 4th, I guess I'll just take the two onto the wildcard voting. This was my vote for hardest round. I made my concept thinking that it would walk into the next round. THanks for making it difficult! Next concepts are do soon!

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