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Stampman Challenge Voting


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Okay--there were 4 brave souls who dared the Stampman challenge--so it's time for you to vote--please rank each one from 1-best to 4-least best (okay--you know what I mean--I like them all so I can't call any "worst")





Voting ends Friday Midnight Pacific time (so actually it's Saturday then)

Best wishes to all 4--let the madness begin--and thank you for your participation!

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OK, i'm gonna look like an ass here, but oh well....

Sorry Boss, but 'voting' was not what Stampman said this thread was for. He said to 'rank' the entries. In other words, if you think one is much better than the others, the second best entry is still second. Even if by a long shot.

You should rank all the entries, as stated in the rules.

Sorry, just had to be technical.

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Well it is voting, but it's weighted voting--so I'll weight the votes according to the number of concepts voted for--a vote for one concept will be one point--a vote ranking all 4 will be 4 for first--3 for second, etc...

I was initially going to do it as a poll--but I love all 4 concepts, and decided to go with rankings instead--so all the concepts get some votes...

Oh & I've tallied the points/votes up to this poin--so no editting now--

although if the "boss" wants to expand his voting--I'll allow that...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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