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You should have seen the look on my face when I saw that someone bumped this thread. That NOLA one is great!

Same here. I've been lurking here forever, but never saw this thread. Incredible work by so many people.

I'm not so great at creating logos, but reworking is more in my wheelhouse. So I wanted to play! Here's my take on Miami. Big 4+UM. Went with Dolphins colors.


And a little less gaudy:


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What are the bird claws from?

UM's mascot is a Ibis so I'm assuming that's what the bird claws are

What's the deal with the weird fin you added onto the head of the dolphin?


Yep. I was trying to incorporate elements of the different logos instead of just layering them on top of each other. I think the second one does a much better job of that.

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My only advice would be to look for individual components of a logo that can complement or replace components of another logo. In your case, the axehead of the Braves tomahawk resembles the triangles on the handle of the Titans sword.

Here's a few concepts based on your original. One keeps the original colors of every logo, the other two use the Titans scheme, with the third assuming you're a fan of Kentucky basketball.




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Looking back on this thread, I've had to update Miami more several times. Speaking of which, when the heck are the Panthers going to go for another look?

When they move.

I loved the recolor you did with the panther. It's usually the odd one out stylistically.

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