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The College Hockey Uniform Thread


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I know college hockey doesn't get much attention around here, but it does exist and there are some interesting things going on logo and uniform-wise. It's hard to keep track of all the changes from year to year, so this thread can just be for all college hockey.

My hometown UNO Mavericks got new uniforms for their move to the WCHA. Black, which was always an accent color, has become more dominant. The red pants and helmets are now black. The home (white) jersey now has some black stripes. For the first time in school history, the road uniform is black, not red. It is basically the Sens alternate template with an arched UNO wordmark on the front.





The black jerseys are ok, but I'm not crazy abot the switch away from red. Here are the old jerseys:


Feel free to post anything college hockey related here, even if it isn't uniform changes.

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Also, it looks like Bemidji added a Minnesota shoulder patch with a dot or star marking where Bemidji is in the state.


I'm not 100% convinced that will be a full-time change. Note they had a patch for the opening of their new rink as well, and I think they will either give these (which are an edge-cut) to the players, or auction them off. The reason I say I don't think they'll keep them, is that for their scrimmage a week ago, they wore essentially the same style as they had in the past (but add WCHA logo):


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Here's my school, Utah State's home uniforms:




I know they have a blue road jersey, but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. It's the same design, with silver shoulders, a white "U-STATE" crest, And the sleeve stripes are white-blue-silver-blue-white with a silver cuff.

All in all, I think they have a pretty good set. And they're a DANG good team, too.


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I don't know if it's this season or last that Air Force switched up their unis, but the changes are a huge improvement IMO. I love the use of the roundel on the shoulders and eliminating the sleeve-length stripes. The script on the chest is more traditional too... I just like it a lot better.



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Michigan State dramatically changed this year. They had spent decades wearing various styles of jerseys with a script "Michigan State" on the front, like so:


Those are terrible. I know the MSU rebrand has been discussed here, but the hockey jerseys are so full of fail. They look like the cheap jerseys that retail for $29.99 and fool white trash fans into thinking they are authentic because "everything is sewn on." They should've completed the fail and put "SPARTANS" on the back.

The script "MICHIGAN STATE" hockey jerseys were awesome. These were the best they had, IMO:


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