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Jersey Wallpaper 16:9



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This is an update to the original Jersey Wallpaper topic. This time hopefully even more people can get use of them. I have changed them from the original 1024x768 size to a large 16:9 ratio (2000x1125). You can resize them to your screen size, or just let them auto size to your screen once you set it as the wallpaper. Couple other changes as well. Before I had all the images uploaded to Imageshack, and for some reason Imageshack likes to just randomly lose and break links every now and then. This time I have all the images hosted on a website for our small business.

Also, since the time of the original wallpaper topic, some changes have been made to the forum system. It only allows 10 images per post. If you add up the time it takes to upload to the host site, and I also upload them to my Facebook page, and then the 10 limit on here, it would take forever. So what I will do is post one image from each team, which will be a click-able thumbnail that will take you to the page that has all of the team's images. I also have the main directory link down in my signature. Feel free to click the donate down in the signature and donate a some here and there. :)

FYI, the whole NHL is re-done and ready. One other change to mention, there will be double the options to choose from. The original texture with the jersey and the hole in it is still one, and a newer texture with the look of the newer moisture wicking material they use on uniforms. Personally, I like the newer texture better, but for those of you that like the original, it's still here too. The newer texture will usually be on the later half of each teams group of choices.



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The links don't work for me.

same here

I'll third that.

Server Error

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

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This is some damn fine work! Ten bells!

One suggestion I have is to add the Sabres' new third jersey script logo (in both the vintage white & vintage blue text):


(For the "vintage blue", use the blue color of the posted logo for the text, with a white background.)

Once again, awesome work!

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Not sure why some had problems with the links. After reading that, I tried opening links in Chrome (which I always use), Firefox, and IE and all opened fine. Hopefully they all work. Seems like others have no problems with them. Weird!

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It works fine for me in Chrome. These are fantastic, man. I would love to see you move on to the NBA (Bulls) or do a Purdue University one.

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I'm using Safari, and I can't even get on your site.

Doing a Google search of "godaddy+safari" I found this. Basically it says:


After some research, I found that the godaddy.com server certificates are signed by an intermediate certificate which is not trusted by default on Safari and iPhone. It is trusted by default however on Firefox and IE.

The page gives a suggested fix if you care to use it. Hope that is all the problem is.

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