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Grand Rapids Griffins


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Well...It's that time of year again.

The GRG's are looking for a sweater/logo design for a special 1-game event.

I didn't want to do a generic griffin, but rather one that would be specific to Grand Rapids.

So I've decided to try and form a griffin from the letters "GR".

My first attempt...Primary and secondary logos.


Sweater to follow.

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I can make out the "G" and its a very clever visual trick, but I do see where it can get lost. I agree that this is a very solid design, though. Is there a way, you think, to make the tail form the tail on your "R" and just incorporate the "G" and "R" into the wing simultaneously? Just throwing out ideas.


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Don't forget to perk up some ears on him. Another type of griffin that doesn't get used alot is a bird head with a liion's mane. I tried to redo that when i did the Vengeance's redesign but I never got it to look just right.

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It reminds me of the Erie Bayhawks secondary logo the way the letters are arranged, but yours is better. But other than the tale, it only looks like an eagle, not a griffin. Id try to get some more lion-features in there if possible.

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Thanks for the input guys.

I hear ya.

The "G" isn't clear.

Too much like an eagle.

Get rid of the stick.

I tried a bit of a "tribal" design to the logos and sweaters.

What the heck, this is just for a one-off event.

So, the new primary and secondary...


They're wanting a home (white) jersey only, so I tried a 'watermark' design using some elements from the logo.

The wing design is very much influenced by the Oregon Ducks winged pattern.


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I prefer your first version over your second by a longshot. I'm not sure how people weren't seeing the G, it's pretty obvious if you ask me. The first was much simpler, I saw the G and the R right away. The second version I can't tell what's going on, way too complicated IMO. I think you're best bet would be to go back to the first. Honestly, doesn't anyone else like that one better?

Also, the jerseys are fantastic.

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I think the first version is miles ahead of your updated version, your second GR monogram looks like a coloring book maze.

The wing detail you got going on in your last update looks very nice, I'd almost like to see this on your first version.

Uniforms look nice, good work.

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