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Uniform that your team should bring back


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The Rays, Jets, and Clippers are easy.




*as a throwback


*as a throwback

The Chargers and Boise State? Not so much.


*modified version full-time


*I guess the early-'90s look could be brought back as a throwback occasionally.

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Purely recently, the Padres need to bring back the sand road uniforms. Barring that, they need to bring back the brown full time.

As much as I love their current uniforms for both sports, I wouldn't mind a return to the late 90s style for both Arizona basketball and football, as those were the glory days for both.

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That'd look nice with UA's faux-flannel fabric...


...and this logo as the sleeve patch.


Too bad Majestic is the exclusive uniform provider and they don't have a clue how to put together a good-looking gray uniform. Oh well, I'd like to see teams start wearing color uniforms on the road anyway.

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Phillies: current set is perfect, leave the 70s/80s uniforms.

Eagles: I would just add a kelly green throwback as their alt, but the 80s or 90s one.

76ers: I guess a blue alt could be added, other than that they are fine for now.

Flyers: Go back to the late 90s 3 jersey set.

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ANA Ducks - I'm fine with the current uniforms. I liked the Mighty Ducks uniforms, but idk if I'd go back to them.

LA Angels of ANA - Current set is definitely one of the best. The only uniform I would bring back might be the 80s CA Angels uniforms.

IND Colts - There set is the same as they've ever been. And no one is going back to the silver era.

LA Lakers - Again, current set is pretty much the same as they've ever been. If there was going to be any change, I'd go back to the 80s-90s set with the drop shadow and the white neck/arm trim.

ASU Sun Devils - While I think this new Pitchfork era of unis are badass (yeah I said it), I'd like to bring back the set they had before the piping. Sparky on the helmet. Arizona State on the chest. Block numbers. Maroon and gold. No black. No piping.

Manchester United - Any of the sets with the white polo collar. Kind of like last year's, but without the shoulder/sleeve stripe. Simple white shorts, red jersey, white collar.

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Memphis Grizzlies: They're not perfect, but I'd stick with what they have. Using a current dumb trendy color scheme is better than one from the 90s.

Chicago Cubs: Fine as is

Arkansas State: Never had any uniforms that wowed me, but the previous football set was much better than the new ones.

Sporting KC: Not great now, but they never were

Liverpool: Also fine

St Louis Blue: http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=cmk70xcujle89hoaxfcubmp9h

Denver Broncos: I really like these other than the helmet logo: http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=lv4h9uyfljf3rtiwx5e4sltow But I think I'd rather stick with the current set.

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