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Pro Combats:Take 2


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After my first start at Pro Combats went off the deep end, I waited until I finished finals and I took a few days to get used to .svgs and Inkscape,(which I did). So I started over, starting with Miami (FL)


Miami Hurricanes, Miami 2, Miami 3

Florida State

North Carolina


Virginia Tech

Big 10+2


Michigan State

Ohio State, Ohio State 2

Big East






FBS Independents



Notre Dame

Mtn. West

Air Force

Boise State



Oregon Ducks,Oregon 2,Oregon 3, Oregon 4



Florida Gators,Florida 2

Georgia, Georgia 2


Mizzou Tigers


The helmet stripes are reversed, (Orange/Green/Orange), and the facemask is now orange. I'm against grey facemasks on white helmets for some reason. Anyways, the jersey is orange with green palm tree patterns on the swatches. On the chest is the Miami wordmark and the number is similar to the 2010 Pro Combat ones. The pants are white with a green stripe with the palm tree pattern. The socks are orange and the shoes are orange and do that Nike fade to green.


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While I'm not a huge fan of the striping. I could 100% see this being a NPC uniform. So in that matter, really good job!

As far as C&C, I might change the shoulder panels to green/light green instead of green/orange to be consistent with the other places you have the palm tree pattern.

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This is much cleaner so far, so nice work. I do have a couple issues with this, though. You may want to edit the Flywire lines, they should be a transparent overlay, not a solid gradient like they are right now. I also agree with JP on the shoulders, they feel disconnected from the pants with that shoulder design.

My biggest issue here, though, is that these look strikingly similar to the Pro Combat unis they wore last year. While I loved that set, this just makes me miss the green helmet and orange pants. I would try to take it in a more original direction, one that is not so heavily influenced by a past NPC set.

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Here's an update, i think.


The '70s for the 'Canes was the, how-you-say, kick off to the turnaround of Hurricane football, so this is an Orange-Out (I first for Miami, IIRC), and the jersey has shoulder "racing stripes", and the pants have a triple stripe. I love the palm pattern, but this hit me as cool

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Put a palm pattern on the numbers like you did for the numbers in your other set (so basically, slightly darker than the white), and change the facemask to white, then I think you'll have a winner. I really like the look of what you've got here.

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I have to completely honest, I don't mind the orange monochrome at all. I mean, vibrant orange fits for a Miami team. If it were any other team (save Clemson, maybe), I don't think I'd be for it. But for the Hurricanes, I think it works great. My honest and humble choice would be orange pants.

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I'd suggest making the outline to the number the same color as the darker green. The black just looks out of place.

What he said. But I think the numbers need a white outline. Green on orange has legibility issues.

Then you lose the outline on the lower half of the numbers.

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