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Wilt's 100 point game, 50 years ago today


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Why was the game in Hershey?

Essentially, for the same reason the NFL has games in London. Spreading awareness of the league.

If that's the case, it's kinda funny. At the time, it made total sense. Games were rarely (if ever) televised to that point...if you did not live in a major market, you were pretty rare to get to a game. It's just funny that "spreading awareness" meant going to a small place at which very few people could witness (in-person or otherwise) the game. Those lucky few fans.

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Dude averaged 50 PPG in a season, scored 50 45 times in one season, has 32 career 60 point games (Kobe has 5), and a whole slew of other notable accomplishments. He was so dominant that they had to widen the lane to control him, invent goaltending, and change the free-throw rules so he couldn't just run and dunk from the line.

I'm certainly biased since I grew up in the Philadelphia area and always heard about his high school accomplishments and how great he was, but a strong case could be made that he was the greatest of all time, not MJ.

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