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2012-13 soccer kits


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Im expecting a chelsea style conservative approach for The Gunners than a radical Lyon approach

You can't really get much more radical than this season's Arsenal road kit.

Not really. It's just a hooped jersey.

With one size hoops on the body and another size on the sleeves along with a bold swatch of another color.

Having said all that, i actually really like them. Although, i liked the yellow/maroon one from the previous season better.

I have good news for you then - Arsenal have declared to the Premier League that they will continue to use that kit as a third strip as and when necessary.

EDIT: In fact, they're wearing it today!


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Sure, FCTB's got to do everything the Stars do first. ;)

Well, they did wear Admiral back in '75. A wee bit before the Stars' time.

And there is no FCTB. (Thank goodness the proper name came back!)

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This is nice.


Isn't that rather heavily inspired by the America kit made by adidas in about 1994 or 95? Modelled after the German national team one from USA 94.

This one:


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I wonder if this is the crest that will be on the USA centenary kit:


I hope it's not, since I'm hoping for a rebrand (at the very least a temporary one for the centenary year)

even if it's just something along these...


I'd expect these for a couple matches but not a full time kit.





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