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2012-13 soccer kits


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Ok so the first official release of a top club shirt for 2012-13 has been made. Its the Chelsea shirt we saw leaked a while back with the gold trim


Not a massive change, really.

I like it better than this year's kit (mostly bc of all the white on the shoulders), but I don't like gold lettering if you aren't a defending champ.



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If you want to use gold and it's not one of your usual colors, win the league first, please.

I could see it if maybe it was an anniversary season or something like that too, but I'm not aware of that being the case for Chelsea.

Apparently they're trying to justify it as a way of "celebration of sport and the capital this summer"...which makes little sense to me. Sounds like some bogus justification for the color.


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Using the gold accents would have made more sense for this season in the run-up to the Olympics. Those kits won't see much use until after the Olympics are over.

However, it's still a good-looking kit. It's always nice to see Adidas make such a clean and conservative kit, in contrast to their usual fare.

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That's actually the thing I like about it. The sponsor logo in white would cause it to stand out too much.

Disagree. Now it just makes the white numbers and on the socks stick out too much.

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See, I think that's a good thing.

The white socks are Chelsea's signature. They should stand out more than the sponsor logo.

Then it would be nice if the stripes on the socks were gold instead of white.

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