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Concert Posters!


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I think this is a great untapped subject for the GD forum. Inspired by seeing this poster for the blink-182 euro tour:


If you have some favorites or just generally amazing works of art for these concerts, throw them in here.

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I love gig posters, I've been collecting since I was in high school and since I (at least used to...) go to a lot of concerts I have quite a few.

Here is just some of my collection:











Two of those shows, I didn't go to.

Two of those posters glow in the dark.

Can you guess which ones?

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Lastly, I want to send out a few links

First, to Dan Grzeca (pronounced Jet-sa) who does amazing work in a totally unique style.

Second, to Delicious Design League, who not only produce world class art, but I am forever indebted to for their heroic act of awesomeness I documented in this essay I wrote.

Many of them [my posters] are painstakingly screen printed, rare, numbered works but all of them have some sort of story or background, like this Of Montreal poster that I searched to find for close to three years, that make them uniquely personal.

This poster was commissioned for a show which was the first time I had ever seen Of Montreal perform live - they are one of my favorite bands and one of the best live shows around. It was the first time I had ever been inside the Metro in Chicago, now one of my favorite venues because of the great memories I have there. It was also the first time I had heard of MGMT, an opening act that night and prior to their first album release.

After the show, the poster was sold out so I bought a concert T-shirt (which, incidentally, is another thing I seem to collect) but I kept looking. In fact, I bought the poster at the top right six months or more after this concert because I had resigned myself to the fact that this poster was gone. It was going to have to serve as a surrogate.

However, after looking around the web a few years later, I found out who had made the poster for that night and contacted them directly. They quickly responded and offered me the option to purchase one of their last two copies (they only printed 50) that they had in their private collection for a price they let me name. Finding the poster was completely worth the three year wait just to find out how cool the people were who made it.

Upon receiving the poster in the mail, a nice little handwritten note on the printout PayPal receipt slipped out from the cardboard packing tube. It was from the employee I dealt with throughout this process - he thanked me for my support and had also sent me a non-commissioned piece they had done for free.

Both posters hang on my wall in prominent positions and the note on the receipt is attached to the back of one of them. Whenever I look at them, they remind me of a singular moment when I realized how generous and wonderful people can be and how easy it is to do so.

This act has kept me a close follower of this company. I have bought other art from them, other posters of bands I like and even of bands and events I do not know much or anything about (some of those were packaged in a sale where you got 5 posters at random for the price of one and a half - pretty cool stuff). Yet, they are all really striking and beautiful art.

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This is from a show that I actually attended...first (and so far only) time I was in San Francisco, and I was unaware of the tradition of giving attendees copies of the poster on the way out the door after the show. This one was given the Laminart treatment and hangs in my office. I like the symbolism of the young cat (Bela Fleck) at the knee of the older tree (David Grisman). A great poster, and an amazing show!

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