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New Orleans Pelicans

Lights Out

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Courts fine, but what's with the handlebar mustache on the uniforms? Rollie Fingers a minority owner or something?

It appears to look like the architecture of New Orleans, particularly the French Quarter with the arches.


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Two things:

1) I get the bold look you are going for with the pelican at center court, but I don't think it should impeded the 3-point lines...I think refs will agree

2) I love the design of the jersey tops, but the shorts aren't working for me. The design in the shoulders looks great, but the similar look you went for on the short "cuffs" doesn't work as well. Also, the patch on the shorts isn't the best logo there...I think the bird-de-lis would be easier to see and decipher.

Suggestion: Maybe take just the pelican bill design and translate that into side striping that goes down from the armpits to the shorts. Don't make it look like a bill, but take some of the design elements from that. Just a thought...



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I'd lose that trim along the bottom of the shorts, just make them solid with the logos on the side. And I concur about the logo on the court reaching past the three-point line. Otherwise, brilliant.




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