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MLB Fauxbacks


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I'd really like to see you expand these to the teams that were around. Mostly because I want to see a Braves one. :D

Here you go.


Maybe it would have been better if I had expressed my desire, broken down into every possible small detail .... word for word, so that others might not have felt the need to troll. *rolls eyes*

Will try harder next time.

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OK first of all thanks to everyone for all the great c&c! Now that I've finished the expansion teams, I've decided to move on to the older teams. Now I know of course that these teams wouldn't have fauxbacks, but I find these really fun to do and I want to do more. That said, lets start this off with the Yanks,

I figured that if im making a 70s fauxback for the untouchable team, I might as run with it, so....



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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