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Help, I'm stuck. Rattlers logo.... not pretty


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I am really stuck on this New Mexico Rattlers logo. It looks more like a sausage than a Snake!C+C please. i also think te rattle need a lot of work.


Thanks guys


Very Nice job! Nauru indeed. This thread has some funny tabs, eh? Well, they're all surnames of Swedish Curlers. *cue you guys going, What?*

You're job is to click the tab of the only one of them to win Olympic Gold. If you're right, post #5 on that thread will include your next clue.

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Is NM the next SLH team???

Also look at this for reference...


They were going to be, but they have been rejected for lack of good logo. I could tell you the teams in the 2nd expansion in the SLH thread if you want

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Switch the ends of the snake. Put the rattler on the bottom end and the head on the upper end. With that angle in the neck, it will make the head have more distinction from the rest of the body, eliminating the sausage feel.

Look at some of the Arizona Diamondbacks on how the head can angle from the rest of the body to look better, as well as details you can add to make it look better.

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First of all kevsim, the scale of an illustration of a snake in regards to the overall dimensions of the logo may be a little small.

Imagine this logo embroidered on cap, and then figure how small the lines of a snake graphic would be inside that circle.

Any snake design inside that small circular space will have to be very simple and basic.

Get yourself some good reference on a rattler and create a super-minimalistic icon...

Or try something other than a full rattler, like just a rattler head, or a rattler diamond pattern.

This has the potential to be a real nice logo.

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The NM isn't the only thing off-centre. The circle, relative to the rays of the sun, is as well. Everything in the middle is way too small.Think of how this would be embroidered--they can only make thread so thin. Think of what you're going to be able to see from five metres away. The bends in the snake are not at all organic--they look like a boomerang. Work on your skills in how to use Bézier points (if you're doing this in a vector program, I don't know what you're using)--this will let you create much more naturalistic curves. Drop the NM--you're already kind of indicating New Mexico with the Zia sun--and make the snake much larger. Like others have said, the proportions of the snake are way off. Make it thicker (for the sake of scale) and about five times as long. The head of a snake is distinct from the rest of the body; here, without a distinct head, it looks like an earthworm. Slow way down and do several drafts to get it perfect before moving on to the next project.

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Use a reference image! Always refer to reference photos when possible. They will help you SO MUCH to keep your renderings looking like the source. Here's a rattler in a similar pose to what you're going for:


I second Sparky in saying you should flip the snake, too.

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