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Not Another MLB Redo


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I'm Dylan, and I have a bit of a passion for baseball uniforms. For a while I've been whipping up my own creations and I've decided to finally share them with you all. I'll be starting with the American League East and making my way West and back around East with the National League. Some teams are small tweaks, some are rehashes, and some are combinations of all the team's eras.

We start in the AL East with the Baltimore Orioles. First, I added some Cardinals-esque stripes to their socks as an option. I added a "B" alternate hat to replace their "O's" hat, and also got rid of the orange brim (Because who needs two black and orange-brimmed hats?) They also wear their black bird hat at home as an alternate. The black jersey says "Baltimore" and has white outlines added to fit in with the rest of their uniform set. As for the orange alternate, I simple changed the piping on the sleeves and put the "O's" on the sleeve. Their white jersey gets the bird swinging the bat, which I feel is underused by the Orioles, especially now that they're back to using the cartoon bird.

Comments & criticism is appreciated, of course.


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Thank you all for your feedback! There are indeed a few teams out there who really need some stripes on their socks.

I hope you've all had a great Christmas, and as a little present I'll be posting not one, not two, but three of my concepts.

For our first look we'll be traveling north of the border to Toronto, where the Blue Jays bring a small element to their recent redesign. It's rather simple - I added light blue back to the Jays. Just a small element in the piping on their white jerseys just to bring a little pop, and then I added a light blue jersey as an alternate. The royal blue top remains, but it says "Toronto" instead of "Blue Jays." The grey is mostly the same, but I added some navy to the piping, just to match the outline around the wordmark. Their Canada Day jersey remains the same, minus the bird head on the shirt, but they now have a special white Canada Day hat. My favorite thing about this set is that the white paneled hat makes its return.


Next is our first big change. I present to you the Tampa Bay Rays. I never thought the "RAYS" wordmark looked too great in giant letters on every single jersey, so I kept it in only the alternate. And of course, the big change is the fact that the Rays are back to being green, a color they never should have abandoned in the first place.The green sleeved jersey is a special jersey to be worn on special games, much like the powder blues they currently wear.


Lastly, we have the mighty New York Yankees. As you may expect, the home stays the exact same, but the road has a small change. Their current roadies have a little too much white for my taste, they feel too 70's. But I didn't want to remove the white and make them bland. The solution was to reduce the white, and change up the sleeve piping.


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My biggest gripe with baseball uniforms is how many teams look the same at a glance, especially navy teams. At a quick glance from a casual observer, it's hard to distinct between the Rays, the Brewers, the Indians, the Padres, etc. So for the Rays, I thought their defining characteristic would be the unique wordmark placement in addition to the green. Uniqueness will be a recurring theme across all the teams, I want each and every one to stand out.

Thanks for the comments on Tampa. I originally had this whipped up before I switched over to white. Maybe this works better?


Moving on to our last team in the East, the World Champs make their appearance in my series. The Red Sox home uniform remains untouched, though I debated a long time between red or navy undershirts. The road brings a return to the red text, although in the new redone font, and I love the hanging socks too much to take it away. For an alternate, I added the red hat that everyone remembers from Carlton Fisk and Game 6. For their red jersey, it took me a long time to get used to because I never felt like they should ever have a softball top, but with a few tweaks I think it can fit much like the Giants' orange shirt.


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Funny enough, the Red Sox had a prototype road jersey with the center piping.

Now we move to the AL Central, where this project really starts to get fun. I've been dying to show the White Sox. Their current set is mostly fine, it's just bland after 20 years of use. For a team with some wacky uniform history, they don't nearly stand out enough now. I added back the color red as just an accent. Their home jerseys have the C as their hat logo while the road jerseys use Sox. Numbers on the sleeves return for the home, while the unique "White Sox" written in the tail of the "Chicago" script returns from their unique late 60's jerseys. In addition to actually wearing white socks, they have white shoes to wear at home with black on the road. Their road jerseys also have a bluish grey hue to them. Let me know what you think about this one!


From here on out many of the concepts have bigger changes. Keep an eye out, I'll be posting the Tigers next, which has a nice surprise in it.

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I gave the white undershirts a go, and I really like the look of them with the home jerseys, mainly due to the white brimmed home cap.


Now I present to you the Detroit Tigers! Their home is a classic, and I prefer not to touch it. However, their current roads really don't stand out to me. I feel like numbers don't belong on the front, and the white outline just doesn't work. Removing the orange and white takes away what stands out about them, and removing just the white still leaves them looking like the orange Dodgers. Inverting the white and orange really works, however. Smaller changes include an outline on the D and a grey hat inspired by their current BP cap (Which looks outstanding with the greys). The alternate jersey is based on a design from 1927: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=al_1927_detroit.gif&Entryid=432


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This thread's gotten a little buried, keep the comments and criticisms coming guys! I enjoy doing this series and I don't want it to end.

Moving on from Detroit, we go to Cleveland. We all know (Although they refuse to admit it) that they've been phasing out Chief Wahoo over the past few years. However, I think he can stay without garnering too much controversy. Keeping it as just a sleeve patch, and removing the red color on his skin is a great start. As for the uniforms, I made the home whites a lot like the ones made famous by Major League and brought back the racing stripes. The road stays basically the same, and the alternates are a lot like the current alts but with the new (old?) typeface. Let me know what you think!


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