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  1. ha! the navy/gold logo appears on the helmet bumper.
  2. "WCF" is unfortunate, but I think VERY livable with. Huge fan of bringing back the blue pants, but only if they were to have been smart and gone with white-topped striped socks. Oh, and put "DETROIT" on the sleeve of the white jersey instead of Lions. But whatever.
  3. Read the room dude!
  4. For all NFL teams to wear white shoes. Oh and mandatory high socks in baseball.
  5. Wrong belt and undershirt color from the inaugural season MVP Baseball 2005 game. They also had high blue socks at home which was very strange. One of my first uniform-related memories.
  6. One can dream...
  7. Not any version other than 17, not sure if it's possible to do that in the recent versions.
  8. This is a wonderful project! I remember only being able to bring myself to use the custom logos that were the closest to "professional grade" (from what I remember, that meant only the Sharks or White Tigers). If Madden had used your versions, the possibilities would be endless.
  9. Packers-Patriots would be far and away the best option. There's something really nice about the helmet matchup specifically.
  10. Agreed, but it would be wonderful if they could just use a white striped sock.
  11. I had no idea the Saints had been messing up their pant/sock options for so long.
  12. Yep, that's where I got the idea. I think it works for a variety of reasons that are similar to the Vikings situation. Both helmets feature a helmet-specific logo as opposed to any other primary logo put on the helmet. Both of these helmet-specific logos feature black, and both teams don't employ black in any part of the uniform below the helmet. I chose black for the facemask color as a "neutral" that I felt worked better than gray the same way the black outline in the spear (or Viking horn) acts as a neutral color and not a true part of the team's identity.
  13. Went with the black on purpose.