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  1. Not any version other than 17, not sure if it's possible to do that in the recent versions.
  2. This is a wonderful project! I remember only being able to bring myself to use the custom logos that were the closest to "professional grade" (from what I remember, that meant only the Sharks or White Tigers). If Madden had used your versions, the possibilities would be endless.
  3. Packers-Patriots would be far and away the best option. There's something really nice about the helmet matchup specifically.
  4. Agreed, but it would be wonderful if they could just use a white striped sock.
  5. I had no idea the Saints had been messing up their pant/sock options for so long.
  6. Yep, that's where I got the idea. I think it works for a variety of reasons that are similar to the Vikings situation. Both helmets feature a helmet-specific logo as opposed to any other primary logo put on the helmet. Both of these helmet-specific logos feature black, and both teams don't employ black in any part of the uniform below the helmet. I chose black for the facemask color as a "neutral" that I felt worked better than gray the same way the black outline in the spear (or Viking horn) acts as a neutral color and not a true part of the team's identity.
  7. Went with the black on purpose.
  8. Good catch! I got lazy there. Should be consistent.
  9. Posted the concept of what I was talking about in text above:
  10. After seeing a fruitful discussion about a Washington Redskins throwback uniform from 2002-2003, I decided to make my first uniform concept since 2013. These aren't anything groundbreaking, but they represent the latest of what I would want to see my NFL team do with their uniforms. C&C appreciated.
  11. In a vacuum, I would tend to agree. The problem, of course, is that shades of burgundy and gold we know now are so completely associated with success for the team. All five Super Bowl appearances, including five victories, in what outsiders often refer to as the "McDonalds" colors. I've never seen them this way because of how much of a fan I've been all my life. I think any return to darker shades would have to retain a white over burgundy road uniform so as not to completely depart from what I consider to be a top-five all-time NFL uniform.
  12. Was watching the first episode of the fourth season of The West Wing tonight and thought it would be fun to post some of the branding below. For context, this campaign rally would have been in September 2002 ahead of the 2002 general election (different than in real life of course).
  13. I agree with all of those changes. I think what so many people love about the uniform is 1. the shades of burgundy and gold and 2. the spear helmet. Washington has sort of meandered their way over to some of what that 2002 uniform had to offer, specifically by using gold pants and that sock stripe, but as many of us are aware, there is no conscientious plan to all this. The team tried a fauxback in 2002-2003. Gibbs came in and went back to the ultimate classic of white/burgundy at home and away with some all-white mixed in. We tried the above-linked Lombardi-era throwback in 2007. New GM Bruce Allen took those 2007 throwback pants and socks and paired them with the rarely-used burgundy jerseys of the 1979-present set (also linked above). A gorgeous new throwback since 2012, using the colors we love from the 2002 fauxback, hasn't gained as much love (probably due to the tan pants and helmet changes). Going forward, if Washington/Nike are smart, I could see all of the above lead to a real "modern throwback" overhaul if the team ever decides to (hopefully) change the name (I think that unless they decide to change the name, they won't overhaul the uniforms and draw more media attention to the issue). This set could use some features of the 2002 fauxback and 2012-present throwback while retaining many features of the 1979-present set. Helmet: Dark burgundy, dark gold facemask. Nike-updated spear helmet. No stripe. Home Jersey: Dark burgundy jersey. Dark gold numbers outlined in white (or not...). '79-present sleeve stripe (dark gold/white). Move TV numbers to shoulders. Home Pants/Socks: Dark gold pants. 79-present pants stripe (dark burgundy/white). Dark burgundy socks (with same striping pattern why not!) Away Jersey: White. Dark burgundy numbers outlined in dark gold. '79-present sleeve stripe (dark burgundy/dark gold). Move TV numbers again. Away Pants/socks: Dark burgundy. 79-present pants stripe (dark gold/white). White socks (striped socks again). The team doesn't have a sentimental attachment to any iteration of the burgundy jersey, so having one that looks pretty different than anything we've seen on a consistent basis before (specifically dark gold pants and numbers!) wouldn't be "too much" of a change. Alternatively, the classic, sentimental, don't-touch-this white over burgundy look remains largely intact. If anything, the new colors keep the feel/appreciation for that combo while making it look far more snazzy in a very Nike way. I'll whip up a concept soon. It'll be my first one since 2013.
  14. I was at this game when I was 7 years old.
  15. If I was to take those who want the name not to be Stallions at their word, which I don't see any reason not to, then I would come to the conclusion that "finding something to complain about" was not part of their consideration.