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  1. MLB 2016 Changes Rob Lowe gets it!
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    The "P" is definitely covering more of the "h" in the first photo.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    I'm surprised I haven't seen more comments about how friggin' terrible the turquoise looks when touching just black or grey. Looks like TRON went to the Southwest. This set is hideous, and exactly what MLB doesn't need.
  4. Strong branding from the Harvard professor campaigning as a "referendum candidate" that pledges to resign once he passes a "democracy fix" bill with the mandate of running on a single issue.
  5. The Logo is horrifically bad, especially when juxtaposed against what is by all accounts an extremely well made introduction its all very weird.
  6. New Browns uni coming 2015

    The contrasting stitching and decision to use the BROWNS pant wordmark PLUS a short stripe are the two things I don't like. Without those, this would be Nike's best rebrand, mostly due to consistency. Also... orange socks with brown pants please. Lets not screw this up.
  7. Rare team matchups

    Woah. This already looks incredibly dated.
  8. New England Patriots White jersey/grey pants

    Can't seem to find pictures but there was a commercial a while back for a camera company with a game between the Chargers and Patriots in which the Patriots wore that combination.
  9. Have the Boards Changed Your Views / Approach?

    I started here at the beginning of high school, mostly because in 2010, all summer there were rumors that the Redskins were switching to gold pants. I was confused by why I was so obsessed with this development. I googled constantly and eventually stumbled upon the boards. I had previously visited the main site many times, loving little details like the Seahawks full body logo. I started tinkering with concepts that year while I struggled to thrive at my new school. It was an amazing outlet for me, and I was so happy to find a community to look at my work. I cringe at how bad the concepts are now, but at one point in 2011, the Redskins official blog actually posted my design ideas! It was incredible, and a total validation of all the work I had done. Over time, I've certainly learned far more and developed more opinions. Never thought that white shoes worked better in football until somebody mentioned it here. Now, that's one of my strongest feelings in the universe. Should be mandatory all teams wear white shoes. I've learned so much more about the history of NHL and NBA uniforms here as well. I probably know more about the NHL outside of the Capitals from pictures on this blog than anywhere else. My approach has also changed. I used to post quite a bit, and without a lot of sense. Lots of all-caps, talk of explosions, etc. Some of my old topics are really embarrassing. I post a lot less now. I haven't made concepts in about a year and a half (college applications and then college itself will do that), but I still read the sports logos section constantly.
  10. The Orioles Cartoon Bird

    We didn't lose Texas because of the hat joke.
  11. It's definitely ironic and therefore cool to wear an obscure or historically bad jersey of a certain player. You can joke about how cheap you found it, etc. An example could be a Wizards Jordan jersey... A Redskins Bruce Smith, Adam Archuleta, Heath Schuler, Patrick Ramsey, etc...
  12. The Ravens are fantastic. Obviously the logo could be a lot better technically, and I'm not sure about all the color choices, but the concept is AMAZINGLY good.
  13. Cavaliers Uniforms

    The sentiment toward the early 2000s Cavs jersey with LeBron could be made in comparison to the Patriots current uniforms with Brady. We associate the player and that uniform with so much good that we look past the uniforms flaws. That being said, I really hope they go back.
  14. Cavaliers Uniforms

    I don't know if this has been brought up before but I'm starting to think that the chances they simply go back to the earlier LeBron uniforms is slim to none because of money. While many people probably did burn their jerseys, many still have them. Having him in a new uniform, whether the current or a totally new design, gives them more space to sell.
  15. Cavaliers Uniforms

    They really should just go back to the 2003-2010 set. Maybe update the colors... But that set was gorgeous. And symbolically would just be so FUN to see. LEBRON laughing, winning, and reconciling. It would just feel right.