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  2. You continue to do great work here. I get tingles with nostalgia looking at the Bloomington Jefferson and Duluth East uniforms, so many tournament memories of those two teams over the years.
  3. TiCats jerseys have appeared on their website ..... No majour changes that I can see. Still don't like how the stripes stop abruptly.
  4. DaRadniz29

    Eagle Logo

    I started out trying to get create an eagle logo just to see how I'd do, also I think in my head I wanted to see if I could update my HS alma mater's eagle logo, which I think is somewhat outdated. Now, I don't usually post anything except the final product, but I've decided to post the progression on how I ended up on with the current logo I guess as a reference to see how I got from point A to point B. First the progression chart, left to right. I noticed the shade of blue is off as well, I really have a hard time picking a color blue, because I like pretty much every shade of blue. And now, the current logo: I think because my HS alma mater has an blue and white eagle head on a golden yellow helmet I prefer the eagle head without the gold outline. I do think this logo would be a good update, that is if they ever decided to go from the logo they've used since I can remember. I'll see if I can find the logo they currently use. Note: One thing I noticed when designing this is that when creating an original, from scratch eagle head logo and have it look different enough from other designs isn't necessarily hard, but it's not all that easy either.
  5. Why are we all kidding ourselves, we know the warriors win. And I don’t even think it would be close, Bucks would be a 6 game series max, Raptors would be a 5 and let’s hope something bad doesn’t Kawhi, we all know the last time he played a playoff series against golden state and how that turned out
  6. This would've been GORGEOUS, but alas: Your 2019 Stanley Cup Final uniform matchup, still decent:
  7. Morgo

    NHL 2018-19

    Agreed. They look so empty without a hem-stripe and the shoulder patch choice is terrible. The homes aren't that much better either, they just benefit from being an interesting colour and having a competent shoulder patch.
  8. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    How ANYONE could say that the Sharks road unis are anything other than flat out ugly is beyond me. So weak and boring. Im almost glad the blues made the final simply on this alone. Almost. Im also just glad they made it and the sharks didnt because thats just how i roll.
  9. Here's hoping the Lakers get a true purple away jersey instead of the abominations with the black.
  10. Basically why if they meet in the finals, I say 5 games. Raptors take game 3 or 4 at home and lose the rest. Warriors-Bucks go 7.
  11. I hope these two teams beat each other up. I’m also way less scared of Toronto than I am Milwaukee. Kawhi is VERY good, but the rest of that team is basically Blazers East in terms of a matchup for the Warriors.
  12. As someone from Kentucky who has many a family from Louisville, I can tell you proudly it’s pronounced Lu-a-vul. I also say New Orlinz, But I’ve caught myself saying new awlins and heard people I know unironically sayin nawlins
  13. The World Series last year had only previously matched up in 1916 one, 102 years earlier. Certainly this has to be an NHL record, and obviously many of the SCF matchups going back as recently as, well, 2009 actually, can't happen under the current alignment. So it may be a while before we get a rematch of 49+ years difference again.
  14. The Orioles' pitching staff is already allowing a record number of HRs. Can we make it two straight 100-loss seasons?!
  15. Syracuse is clever with the S chopped into rugby stripes. I like that. Also Rochester looks a lot better with the changes.
  16. When I lived in Louisville I would say "Loooey-ville," because that's how several locals I liked and respected would say it. And I still say it now and people like to correct me to "Luh-ville," and I tell them to piss off.
  17. Congrats to the St. Louis Blues, the city has waited a long, long time for their Blues to return to the SCF, and it's finally happened. As I said on Sunday, didn't expect the Sharks to make it this far this season the way Game 7 vs Vegas was going. Glad they got to the WCF, even if they needed a few breaks to do it. I know it's too early to really know, but with the Sharks being eliminated is now the Sharks off-season. I wish had inside information on who is coming back and who isn't, but it really is up in the air. Erik Karlsson is the likeliest to leave, however there's rumors that Pavelski might be too expensive to keep. Even if he wants to stay in SJ, there's a price point that he probably has as the lowest he'll take. If DW can pull a rabbit or two out of his hat, great, just don't overpay for EK65. We'll see what happens. Might try a Franchise on NHL 19 and see where the game has Sharks players signing, oh how I wish I could set it up to mirror the season to get the best results.
  18. If anyone has skills, this would look great in a mlb/nba styled logo.
  19. I see why the Bruins changed. The yellow socks added some color balance to the large yellow shoulder yokes. But the arm/waist & socks striping patterns were badly mismatched and inconsistent. The new socks do fix that issue, although it messes up the color balance. Designers had to decide which was the lesser of the two evils. The 70s jerseys got both color balance and striping consistency down.
  20. Looking forward to seeing Bobby Orr's goal multiple times a day for the next few weeks
  21. Did you just Sanchez that thing? I really want to see one of AARP member Nolan Ryan rearranging Robin Ventura's face now.
  22. Not bad, but maybe keep the light blue but lighten it to more of a powder blue shade?
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