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  2. Looks good, but will be roughly 2 inches of their uniform, as the WNBA's look is entirely comprised of about 539 different corporate sponsor logos.
  3. Hopefully not as the Ravens haven't worn white socks this year yet but who knows. At least the Rams paired their navy socks again with the all white unis last week
  4. What happened to that moratorium on Canucks discussion? As an orca hater, I am absolutely fine with the current set now that they’ve dropped the script. While I’m no fan of the logo, the uniforms actually look respectable now and the reason I don’t want to see anymore change is because they’ve got the striping and colours perfect, and any time they mess around with the uniforms they run the risk of downgrading them.
  5. “Soccer club” is the first thing that comes to mind when I see this logo, even though there’s a basketball incorporated into it.
  6. This is pretty interesting. Especially this part: The elmination of affilliated ball from some cities, combined with the availability of players, add up to a tremendous opportunity for independent leagues. (Even as the affilliated minors seek to poach two independent-league teams, St. Paul and Sugar Land.) One paragraph made me chuckle. It starts with: But, before I could even fully formulate the thought "So buy the damn teams!", the paragraph goes on to say: With no personnel decisions to make regarding either players or coaching staff, the job of "owning" a team in the affilliated minors consists mainly of getting the stadium situation squared away, in addition to getting local sponsors and arranging the broadcast deals. If the "owners" of the affilliated clubs can't get this done, then what use are they? It's obviously better for the Major League club to own its own minor league teams, so that, if the Major League club wants stadiums to be up to a certain standard, the club can pay what it takes to achieve that.
  7. That's their right, and also a great way to continue to remain a free agent desert. Sacramento got its arena. Maybe Vivek can sell the team to a city and an owner who would give a :censored:?
  8. Guessing Ravens in all white this week. They also wore all white in 2007, and 2011 against Seattle which is the last time they have played there
  9. The reversed pinstripes work wonderfully! The design overall really screams "Chicago" without forgetting the Cubs focus. The "Angry Cub" logo is a nice feature, I've always prefered it over their current alt logo.
  10. The Texans are the only one of those teams that I say could reasonably have a shot, but I think the Panthers are the best bet to be a first-time winner this year, especially if Cam returns 100%.
  11. Former San Jose Sharks captain, Joel Pavelski and ex-Anaheim Duck, Corey Perry, as Dallas Stars.
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  13. Now that we've batted around, let's jump over to the NL Central with the Chicago Cubs! For the North Siders, I wanted a design that was 100% Cub and also unmistakably "Chicago" without ripping off @Carolingian Steamroller's wonderful City Edition concept. This design is based on the Cubs' 1978-81 road uniform but adds a splash of red, while the fan favorite "angry Cub" logo is front and center on the jersey. C&C appreciated!
  14. If I was the kings I’d match any offer just out of spite so he has to stay miserable in Sacramento.
  15. Be careful not to confuse “people online” with “people in general”. Those online are relatively few in actual number, but try to make up for that with volume.
  16. It stinks in non-metallic applications.
  17. Ha, live in houston, frequent Texans message boards. Have spent far too much time defending the primaries when people call for the color rush full time or "we just want something different".
  18. [citation needed]
  19. Next we head to Connecticut for the Connecticut State Destroyers. Up until 1999 they were known as the Mohegans, before a student vote was taken for a new moniker. The Destroyers beat out the Royals (from New London), Cutters (Coast Guard), Eagles (Famous Coast Guard ship), and Warriors by a large margin. Connecticut State University Location: New London, Connecticut Type: Public University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Stamford, UConn
  20. A lot of people love the Texans color rush, largely fans, but i really don't like them for the reasons you mentioned above. The red numbers outlined in white appear pink and are really hard to read from a distance.
  21. Is there room to start on that or do they have to demolish the arena first?
  22. The Hitmen are having Bret Hart Night on November 2 in conjuction with Prostate Cancer awareness.
  23. I get that players and coaches have used the press to fuel their agendas, but there's always the potential for blowback with the fans, team, press, and future suitors. For Hield's sake, I hope Sacramento rectifies the situation.
  24. So why are their regulars perfect yet the pants stripes don’t match the shoulder stripes which you said before is flawed. And while I will say they aren’t as good as their regular set my point is there is no Mismatching in the uniform.
  25. True, but so did the Clips with getting Paul George from OKC. But, I think the difference will be the ownership. Ballmer is all in and passionate, he trusts his basketball people and hires smart people. The Busses ... um ... this offseason speaks for itself.
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