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  2. I hate this notion that the Yankees own pinstripes and are the only team that can wear them.
  3. Well, Rask has already proven what type of game he’s gonna have tonight...
  4. The Mets' narrow, condensed athletic block for NOBs is an underrated design element of theirs, I feel. Helps set them off from the Cubs a bit.
  5. Okay but Congress still should have been right up the NFL's ass for violating the terms of the antitrust exemption and allowing any of those 26 teams to relocate. (Maybe an exception for the St. Louis Football Cardinals. No one likes St. Louis and no one likes the Cardinals.)
  6. It’s great you’re enjoying the series but I have been following this since the year Windsor won it and I have put hours and had major mood swings because of a fictional team in Oakland. What Hawkfan has created is beautiful, and I’m not speaking for him, but as a fan I need to politely ask not to piggyback on this 4 year old story. Cheer for your team and share opinions, hell even get in on the action for thoughts on expansion when the time comes around if asked. Everyone on this thread encourage new followers and we love your enthusiasm, but please do not touch the teams.
  7. Beavs may be something that resonates better with OSU and its fans, but as an outsider it looks and sounds clunky. Outside of that, I really like the new set.
  8. It might be a little safe to say that Boston isn't very good. Is this just gonna be a trend, with them winning a WS once in every five years while being inconsistently poor in between?
  9. The Mariners lost six in a row last week but remain the best team in baseball. The Astros are a game back in the division though, so I don't expect this to be a trend that continues for much longer.
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  11. @mcrosby are u planning on doing a USL championship redesign cause I would love to that
  12. You said soon when I asked about rays but I yet to see them
  13. The New York Knights: Professional Markball’s Lowcow! UrinatingTree references aside, there were definitely a lot of surprises this year, that’s for sure! I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’m hoping for Toronto to break their curse this year, as they are simply one of those teams, whether they be real or fictional, that I can’t help but to feel sorry for.
  14. That's not how this works. These type of threads are more of a one-man-show as far as the content goes. If you have ideas to incorporate into the overall story, pm hawkfan before you just write them out and declare them as the truth, or just let him create the stories for team origins and such, because people will accuse you of thread-jacking if you don't.
  15. I'm fine either way, though I prefer the piping whites a little more than the pinstripes. My ideal scenario would be if the Mets went back to the piping full time and had a '86 throwback for Sundays like they did 2016, but I wouldn't mind if they kept it the way it is now. For what it's worth, the blue alts are one of the best colored alts in the league when used in moderation, but the Mets just wore them way too often (especially the 2015 World Series) and I think we've all grown a fatigue of them.
  16. The Mets are fine as they are. The clean whites are solid, but going to them would feel like a big change-for-change-sakes. Both New York teams can use pinstripes; it's not just a Yankees thing.
  17. Can't wait to see what you do for Ottawa.
  18. The Giants now have the dubious NL record of consecutive games to begin a season without scoring in the 1st inning.
  19. That LAFC is just beautiful. Nicely done.
  20. I’m gonna say atleast, Seattle, cardinals, 49ers, Atlanta, and Pittsburg will be in white uniforms, plus a few of the early season games at home. It’s very easy to see why they are using the throwbacks in those promotions though because it’s clearly the most popular look for the fan base, and what they chose to wear in the super bowl.
  21. The Rockets' black uniforms aren't bad, but it's still annoying for there to be YET ANOTHER red and black NBA team.
  22. Making stuff up mainly, but the Shamrocks quote is a tidbit from the 1983 Cup run.
  23. I'm sure you're right. I just thought it was weird for them to do the graphics like that, with so much emphasis on the throwbacks.
  24. I'd bet a lot of money they won't. Take their Week 10 game at Pittsburgh, for example. Why would the Steelers wear white at home? They never do - and surely not for a late-afternoon game late in the season with no concerns of heat. The Rams will surely be in their whites for that one, despite the graphics on their website.
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