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  2. Nike hasn't been the same since the 2014 world cup
  4. Is there a preference of pixel size of images wanting to upload? Prefer transparent or white PNGs, JPEGs, other?
  5. Simple, clean, classic approach to the A's. Love the number font especially. Good use of the thick striping on the sleeve.
  6. Minnesota had been talking to Major League officials throughout the '50s. Its a market that had not one, but two successful minor league teams (the Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints) that drew right up until the day the Twins came to town. Did the Twins come about simply because the Continental League offered them a team? Or where the wheels already in motion for a team to come to Minnesota, and the Continental League's potential creation just sped the process up? I'm very cautious about giving credit to a league that did nothing beyond having talks and signing some papers that never came to fruition. I much rather give credit to the people and players who spent decades laying down the groundwork for establishing fanbases that could match any existing MLB team in terms of passion and size from the day these cities got MLB teams.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't trying to burst your bubble. I think it shows part of what it takes to succeed - you have to dare to be a little different. The AL was long established when it went to the DH. But still, it was willing to try different.
  8. Remember when Nike made memorable kits without being gaudy? Those were the days.
  9. Ah, the Patrick Ewing approach. At least you used ping pong balls right off the bat.
  10. Not bad at all, and I'm one who prefers green helmets.
  11. I wasn't knowledgeable of those, but okay... I guess it's not funny.
  12. I only picked 3 correct last round, so what the hell do I know? Still: Jackets in 6 - Honestly, it comes down to if we see the same Jackets come out in this series that played the last one. If they do, I think they come out on top. If they spent it all on Tampa, I could see the Bruins winning in 5 Isles in 5 - The Isles will be playing with something that I didn't really see out of the Caps: hunger and a sense of urgency. They have the pieces to get it done...we'll see. Avs in 7 - I'm pulling for the Sharks, I just have a hard time seeing them getting it done, maybe I've been subjected to too much SJ fan pessimism on here. Blues in 6 - I really think they're the team to beat in the West this year. They came in red hot at just the right time. Goaltending may be more of a deciding factor in this series than any in this round.
  13. According to the book I mentioned above, the move of the American League to Minnesota is pretty directly related to the Continental League's plan to put a team there. The A.L. would have placed an expansion team in Minnesota if Calvin Griffith had not agreed to move the Washington Senators there; instead, that expansion team went to Washington.
  14. Like the NBA taking the 3-point shot from the ABA? Or the NFL taking the 2-point conversion and names on the backs of jersey from the AFL?
  15. I’d put that down to people wanting a clean-cut narrative with little room for complicated factors. It’s not like travel would even be a concern for Toronto. Said expansion should have happened far earlier than 1977. Heck, if MLB had to do it over, Toronto probably would have gotten a team before Montréal, if Montréal even got a team (pesky separatists and the fiasco known as Le Stade Olympique). Yeah, expanding into Atlanta was feasible a lot earlier than the 1960s. I’m not sure how much would have changed from the market’s current situation. While travel may have been a legitimate concern for teams on the Pacific Coast/Southwest, said excuse doesn’t hold up for the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. This is why companies like Ebbets Field Flannels exist and promote this oft-neglected area of the sport’s history. It’s important to see how these markets developed their own baseball traditions. My counterargument is that expansion might not be the best idea now. Thirty teams is plenty. We see people express their fear that MLS is over-expanding and causing a problem for many of their teams outside of the top-teir. While that’s definitely true, look at Inter Miami CF and the mess that it’s become since it’s announcement. MLB, the NBA, and the NFL are smart to avoid situations like these. Inter Miami CF is a beautiful cautionary tale against being “loose” with expansion groups.
  16. Well, yeah but to me, that's the whole crux of the problem, even more evident on the college level. This is what happens when the vendor/client relationship gets flipped ass-backwards. Ideally, and the way it worked at one time (I guess a long long time ago), a sports team would have a design (whether it was what they traditionally had always worn, or a new design they presumably contracted out for) and they would then find a vendor to manufacture that design. And the team would pay the supplier. That way, there could be no question as to who was making the decision, and the uniform could exist solely for the benefit of the team's brand, to whatever degree the team wanted it to. But that isn't where we are now. These days, the supplier pays the client for the privilege to manufacturer their uniform (in reality, just for the privilege of attaching their logo to the uniform), and as you state, they're aren't doing that just for the prestige. So, obviously, Nike (or whoever) feels it's well within their rights as the entity that's shelling out all the cash, to make it well worth their investment. I'm not sure there's anything really to be done about it... obviously, we aren't going to put that particular genie back in the bottle, but I reserve the right to bitch about it. And here's a picture of me doing so...
  17. What’s wrong with Ike jokes?
  18. I know the "E" is intended to be the distinctive element, but the "O" draws my eye because it reminds me of Obama's "O."
  19. Gee...Snyder making a football decision. That's sure to end well.
  20. I think the new Carolina Hurricanes account runner might be a huge Beastie Boys fan. I've seen a lot of references to Beastie Boys songs, during the playoffs.
  21. Today
  22. With that logo, by Menace they must mean teenage hoodlum or night stalker from an episode of SVU.
  23. That's an interesting point. I'd be curious if the contract specifies either aspect of that (uniform v platform).
  24. I'm far from a corporate apologist, but Nike didn't spend $1 billion-plus just for the privilege of outfitting football teams. They bought a branding platform, and that's what they've used it for. I'm not sure why we would expect anything less from it.
  25. This isn’t news, just my personal preference: I find the Seahawks uniforms a bit busy but also so close to being a great modern design. I do not like the stripes connecting from the sleeves across the chest, nor do I like the number font. The font is overly complicated with weird angles and the pattern in the numbers clutters things up, especially when paired with the outline. They should either eliminate the pattern and keep the outline or use the pattern sans outline. A simpler font and limiting the design to the sleeve caps would clean this up tremendously. The pants stripes are great. The sleeve caps make me think of these as a cousin of the Falcons, except this set isn’t riddled with generic stripes, panels, and tapered lines. It also helps that these come with meaningful inspiration of the indigenous people whereas the Falcons inspiration is anyone’s guess.
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