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  2. I would keep these ones and throw the rest in the trash; Home with teal trim -Road with teal trim -Red "Dbacks" Alternate -Black "Los Dbacks" Alternate -Pinstripe throwback Maybe I would minimize a little bit of the snake skin on the teals and maybe lighten the grey a little bit. After that I think it would be perfect.
  3. I have no problem with the Phillies wearing powder blue throwbacks at home. Wearing them as a road alternate would be ideal, but home use is A-OK. In fact, it’s an excellent way to hammer home how maroon/powder should be and should always have been a package deal.
  4. I’m aware of the rule book, and I give exactly zero bleeps in this situation. It contrasts with grey and looks amazing, therefore I have no problem with it.
  5. I don’t know specifically, but I believe it’s considered a white uniform for teams like the giants, and Phillies
  6. Does cream fall under "white" or "a color other than white"?
  7. Read through that and here is what popped out to me >Spending 10s of thousands on trademarks in China, India, EU and Mexico >Oweing money to government entities in Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio >Oweing over $100,000 on a "Tampa Lease" >Starter likely receiving less than $100,000 in total sales. I'm going to say that a lot of jerseys and apparel were probably given away by the teams just like the tickets. All I can say in response to all this is Dundon looks more and more blameless for pulling the plug as time goes on IMO. Perhaps not for everything else but the narrative that Ebersol was a dupe played by the subprime auto loan baron doesn't hold up on further review. Looks more like one conman got played by a more experienced conman now.
  8. No, any color other than white for pants is a road uniform. White is the standard and always has been, just because some teams want to wear a throwback road uniform at home doesn’t mean they should. It even says in the rule book teams are to have a white home uniform and a “color other than white” for the road uniform.
  9. He was earning $20K/game plus first-class airfare. Nice work if you can get it meanwhile guys get concussed and CTE for $7,500 and "film".
  10. The National League let the American League have control of the city for four years. There was no plan to return to New York City put up by the National League until the Continental League sprung about. The City of New York did more to bring in a team than the owners did. The National League probably wouldn't let New York go for long. Between the Reds, Pirates, Phillies, and Braves one of them would have made an attempt to move to NYC. But I don't think the owners left to their own devices were going to add another team just so they could say they had a team in NYC. Realistically it may have taken until 1970 for National League baseball to return to New York if not longer. Obviously, it would be healthy for the league to have a team in NYC. But here's the caveat you're missing. The owners didn't care about that stuff. Most if not all were simply concerned with running their own business. Most would and did look at an expansion team as a threat to what they were doing. Not an asset for the league as a whole. The only reason the Angles came into existence was that the American League didn't want to lose D.C. but needed a 10th team to balance out the schedule, on top wanting to match the National League's already announced expansion. Both the Senators (now Rangers) and Angels were announced after New York and Houston, even though they started play a year earlier. There wasn't even a bidding process. The American League just announced Los Angeles as getting a team and that was that. The process of expanding to the West Coast was started and finalized by the American League within a matter of weeks. The only time these owners got off their asses and did something with regards to adding teams was when someone else decided to do something about it first. The fact that the American League was able to bring the Senators and Angels into the fold so quickly is proof Major League Baseball could have expanded whenever they felt like it and just choose not to.
  11. IF this gold jersey turns out looking good, I could totally see them adopting it as their full time home sweater.
  12. FYI, our former member, 'Mac the Knife' paid for the access to PACER and went through the AAF bankruptcy filing and wrote up the most detailed description I've seen on the filing at ArenaFan. H/T to him on this.
  13. It was. Since the end of full-time powder road uniforms, grey has become the standard road color, to the point where teams always wear grey pants on the road. Any non-grey shade of pants can be home pants. I don’t get why people have such a problem with it. It’s not like fans are clamoring for the Phillies to consistently wear the pinstripe version of the 1971-91 set. The powder version makes excellent use of the maroon/powder color scheme, both colors used in the Phillies’ “retro” marketing. I guess you could add powder into the maroon/white pinstripes set, but that’s inaccurate. Besides, the Blue Jays did it ages ago and nobody complained.
  14. I've long thought to myself that if I was to ever take up fandom of a BPL side, Tottenham Hotspur would be the one. That just have me another reason.
  15. Powder blue tops yes it can be a home alt, specifically for the royals, but when paired with powder blue bottoms it’s a road uniform.
  16. Because the home fans want to see powder blue, and as the Royals’ powder tops prove, powder blue sets can either be road throwbacks or an extension of colored jerseys for home and road use.
  17. ^ Be that as it may, I'm coppin' me one of those--and the cap--the next time I pass back through there. I'm loving that.
  18. Today
  19. What's the point in this when 97% of their current players have voted to go on strike in three weeks?
  20. Marlins played outdoors for almost 20 years
  21. That Chelsa kit is so bad that people will excitedly be wearing throwbacks of it in 20 years.
  22. There is no teal hue to it. That was a bad screen conversion of the spot color.
  23. I think you are under estimating the competitiveness between the NL and AL that they wouldn’t allow the AL to have a complete control of the NY market.
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