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  2. I doubt it. The Astros wore that cap on September 27th, and dont trust the playoffs as any indication on future uniform changes/trends.
  3. I wouldn’t give up hope too soon. There’s still a chance they win and you can finally change to TrueYankee27.
  4. In advance of the team wearing "Primetime Purple" uniforms next Thursday against the Redskins, see the transformation of Vikings uniforms throughout the years. I'm a touch too young to recall the original purple pants they wore in the '60's - but those were fantastic! Why Owner Wilf doesn't fork over a few $ to add in a yellow topped socks is beyond me.....It would eliminate the leotard effect current with purple standard pants and gonna be way worse with the full purple/yellow combo coming next week.
  5. Lol @ Robotnik impersonator.
  6. After dealing with smug Donkeys fans for so long, I am looking forward to seeing how long this clown show is going to last. Couldn't happen to a better fanbase. Raiders fans are more tolerable.
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  8. Fangio is a 1970-80's risk-adverse coach. He thinks he can still hire a OC who will accept $750K to do what he is told and play a FB/H-Back and play to win like Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcells or any other I-Formation coach of that era. It's like Fangio took the Michigan State playbook from fellow Italian-American MSU's Mark Dantonio
  9. Not uniform related but I hope SCEA adds Olympic Stadium in MLB 20 the Show so I can play all Expos (Nationals) games in Olympic Stadium with the either the 1981 or 1994 Expos homes jerseys. Anyway the Rangers won't be getting new uniforms or even a new alternate for next season since their moving into a new ball park? Have the Houston Astros officially retired their 2013-2019 Away Cap (Navy Crown/Orange Bill) as they haven't worn that cap in ages it seams like.
  10. The Angels will always be THE California Angels. Case closed. Just like the Nationals should be the Washington Senators but I digress. Anyway.... So Memphis are being rebels this year and rebelling against NIKE and Silver and don't want a City edition? Are they plotting with Adidas? The New York Knicks are the only club in 2k20 not to have their new statement in. It should be in soon (hopefully). Of the new Statement sets OKC/New York/Brooklyn/Phoenix/Golden State/Orlando were the only ones to change colors. The other clubs Portland/Dallas/Chicago/Milwaukee/Philadelphia/Washington/Charlotte kept their previous colors but just modified them. Some City Editions I'm almost positive on: Orlando Dark Gray & Orange Atlanta Black & Peach Charlotte White Washington White Milwaukee Cream Portland White Chicago Black & Blue Dallas Navy & Royal
  11. Can't wait to watch the Astros blow a 3-1 lead.
  12. The Ducks are going chrome/white/white with the alternate white/dark green jerseys with iridescent numbers at UW: This is a nice combo, but I was hoping for apple green/white/white or at least for them just to go with the white/apple green jerseys. Still, I do like this look and the iridescent numbers add some flair to what is otherwise a pretty similar look to last season’s road outfits. Also, with the Ducks wearing their chrome helmets, white pants, and white cleats for the first time this season, they’ll have finally worn every single piece of their new set (that we know of, anyways).
  13. Oregon State going black/cream/cream again at Cal:
  14. Not matching every single element =/= bad design
  15. I guess their regular jerseys are mismatched then by your logic. They are completely different stripes, from size to shape. That kind of wedge shoulder stripe never has an outline like the pats, and USC, while pants stripes then to be outlined especially when they are color on color so they don’t get muddled. Also all stripes don’t have to be the same on a uniform as long as they work with the uniform as a whole, like the pants stripe does matching the numbers.
  16. Mahomes hurt his right knee. On a QB sneak. Andy, why in the flying hell would send your best player who has a gimpy ankle on a sneak?! Why? On the positive side, the defense+special teams have stepped up big so far. Could just be the Broncos not being that good but I'll take anything. And Mahomes is out for the rest of the game. Way to go, you Robotnik impersonator.
  17. Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant is pushing to bring back Bucco Bruce full time.
  18. - Not quite a counterfeit, per se, but look at the bad quality of the NOB/number. XD
  19. Robinson was drafted by St. Louis.
  20. Marge Schott was a fascinating character. She cut operating costs to the bone because as an old-line working-class Cincinnatian she believed a family of four should be able to go to the games and not have to pay $10 for a measly hot dog. She was also a Nazi. The duality of man.
  21. I love the idea of a team named the Devils playing in San Angelo. Really clever work here, amazing stuff!
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