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  1. Yep, the first A is larger, as in the current wordmarks: I like how it looks, that's why I kept it.
  2. To hype this a bit, this is the new wordmark I designed for the Astros: Credit to @FinsUp1214, whose amazing design inspired this!
  3. Or how to make people with OCD happy:
  4. I agree with you It'd create a cohesive look with the home uniform, leaving the double border to the road designs.
  5. My bad, I meant the home alt script. V.1 V.2
  6. How about making the road script Navy with a White border?
  7. Suggested by @coco1997, here's the home uniform with a white-front cap. What do you think?
  8. Let's start the ALW with the Anaheim Angels! Let's admit it, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim doesn't sound quite right... That's why I decided to go just for "Anaheim Angels". First of all, I wanted to bring back the look used from 1961 to 1996, giving more importance to the Navy colour. I decided to keep the current wordmarks and logos adding the "Anaheim" script for the road designs and the1970/85 California State logo as sleeve patch, and using, of course, the yellow halo. Also, I added a Navy road alt.
  9. Real Madrid CF: Seattle Mariners: Leones del Carcas:
  10. Even in MS Paint people can do better designs! I just don't know the reason why they look so bad. What amazes me the most is that Maryland, the 2nd flag on the bottom, was an independent state from 1830 to 1857, and of course, they had their own flag. They went from this... To this
  11. I don't comment very often, but man, your concepts are stunning and very realistic. Keep up the good work! For the Avant Lyonnais, could I suggest (as a Renault owner) trying the Renault Sport yellow for the third kit?
  12. Today was a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 + Madrid Soccer Derby day, which means no time for designing. I'll start with the Angels tomorrow, stay tuned!
  13. ManU have oficially released their away kit: I think it's almost perfect. If only the pattern was at the back and the Chevrolet logo was in B&W... Also, this is the new Doncaster Rovers set:
  14. I'll be trying all the schemes we've mentioned and will upload them
  15. Yes, my bad. How about going for the "Green Sponge" from the first pic, but a bit greener?
  16. How about using "Tiffany Green" as the lighter colour?
  17. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be making tests for the colours. About the trident... Man, that's my weakness. I really like it, and I love the 2017 Spring Training caps. No worries! Cascadia is a "bioregion" located on the Northwest. When I say "Cascadia colour scheme", I mean the colours from its (proposed) flag.
  18. Talking about the ALW, I know (more or less) what I'll be doing for everyone except for the Mariners. I want to change their colour scheme, but I can't decide which one use: Seattle Seahwaks scheme or Cascadia scheme.
  19. I actually wanted to keep the red as secondary colour inspired by the Twins first script. Also, I think the home uniform looks more balanced this way. As @Carolingian Steamroller and @MJD7 have said, the cream has been used subtly. That was my main goal: use it to replace the gold from the current scripts. I'm not a fan of the cream combined with cold colours, that's why I decided to stick to the white.
  20. Let's finish the ALC with the Twins! In the end, I decided to go for the mainly green scripts, keeping the red script for their primary logo (as you can see in the sleeve patch). As suggested by @SFGiants58, I brought back the pinstripes for the home uniform. Both home and road alts feature the TC monogram on the front and the M as cap logo, and can be interchangeable, but I decided to use the combination Green-Home, Red-Road for the presentation because I think it looks better.
  21. I'd like to change the Navy/Red scheme, given there are more teams which use it. Regarding the colour combination of the scripts, I wanted to keep red for the border, but do these look better?
  22. Thoughts? Once again, thanks to @MJD7 for lending me his road script.
  23. I'm not a fan of that style for the Indians' logo/scripts. I'll stick to the Block C-I I've designed, because I'm pretty happy with the final result.
  24. Do you mean this one?
  25. During the weekends I usually don't design much. I've just started with the home wordmark: