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  1. Perhaps Cardinals perched on a backboard? Could get messy quickly though,
  2. Well this aged like milk, didn't it Sigh.
  3. God I hope they didn't accidentally showcase a prototype that won't see the field. My hopes are way up.
  4. Agreed, white outlines on the Sox numbers would go a long way.
  5. That teal-red matchup makes me wonder if that was a game that was dreary to watch for the color blind. Hopefully it was more discernible than the Jets-Bills Christmas pajama matchup from a few years ago. (That being said, yes, it was a very pretty matchup)
  6. Wow, wow, that looks weird. In the abstract I really like it, but... wow it's weird to see haha
  7. Love yellow for the Rams. Love anything different from their actual set for the Rams. Looking forward to the rest of this series! I take it you're a Boston fan as well so I'm excited for what you whip up for the Patriots!
  8. I really wish they didn't wear aqua pants or socks at all on the road. The Dolphins' all-white sets are one of the best looks in football imo. (though they pale in comparison to the throwbacks)
  9. These are amazing, it's hard to pick a favorite but "Memorial" and "Birdland" are both exceptional! Really exciting to see what you come up with going forward (and I definitely can relate to that understanding of hometown history, I've already got ideas rattling around for what could be done with the Red Sox)!
  10. Blue is a nice touch. I agree with @WSU151, keeping the hat black & white across the board seems like the better move, but overall this looks great!
  11. I remember that in one Madden game, for a hot minute they had Bengals uniforms without the side panels for whatever reason. They looked really really nice. Congratulations on graduating! The Browns look great.
  12. ...Really? I'm thanking my lucky stars the Patriots didn't do something like this.
  13. The shiny stuff is hokey. The gradient is hokey (although it's less prominent than I had expected). The wordmark patch thing is hokey. The weird stitch mark above it is hokey. And the away uniforms are just plain garbage.
  14. I would. Given the identity they've already rolled out, I guess these uniforms would be the best thing available? But still not great.
  15. Hmm yeah that's kinda what I anticipated, the borders look good along the side but not where they cut off. Maybe have the stripes wrap all the way down, so it's more of a shoulder loop? I also like the black background route, though I could see it being a bit tire-tready.
  16. Very clean look for Cincy. I think the stripe pattern is phenomenal, it just looks a bit off on the orange jersey/pants. Maybe a black border of some sorts? That may come out ugly but I think something is needed to distinguish the stripes.
  17. Jags - Love the gold. Glad the teal is made primary. Tennessee - Really liking this look, maybe white numbers (or at least outlines) to balance the set a bit? The fauxback is very fun. Rams - Alright, I can get behind the crescent-horn-thing-(?) here. I always wondered if there was a possibility of them wearing yellow on the road, and it looks fantastic here. Alternate is really sweet as well. Baltimore update - The iridescence-in-purple looks really solid. I think it could work on the home and away if translated in a similar fashion, where the pattern is kept within the traditional colors. -Buffalo update - Yeahhhh, that alternate looks beautiful in blue!
  18. As a New Englander... I can't say I've ever seen this. But it is really cool!
  19. Boy am I late to this. Gonna quickly sum up my reactions for each team. -Arizona - love the simplicity, the desert theme all of it. Alternate is slick, but that shiny copper might have to grow on me. -Atlanta - not huge on the logo, and my opinion on their horrible alternate hasn't changed. But I do like your simplifications of the home and away. -Baltimore - I don't know. I love the idea of the iridescent design, so I'm glad that's there. I think what's throwing me off is the black & gold creeping into Steelers' territory. Maybe keep purple to balance things out? I know that could get messy, though. -Buffalo - love the home and away, not sure about the alternate. I enjoy the design of it, I just think it'd look better in blue to really match the city flag. -Carolina - The Panthers' helmet stripes have always bothered me, but I love the color scheme, and the alternate is really well done. -Chicago - Loving the font, and the alternate is sharp. -Cincinnati - A sharp update that keeps things modern, and I'm beyond glad to see a concept where orange, the actual color of a tiger, is primary. -Cleveland - No complaints here. If you revisit this, though, the alternate should get its own helmet, the orange looks really out-of-place. -Dallas - Jerseys are great, and so is the alternate. I just can't bring myself to enjoy that green-blue-grey mess of a color, I think a true silver would work much better. -Denver - I actually really love that logo here. Uniforms are great as well. -Detroit - Logo and alternate are perfect. Not huge on the stripes coming through to the chest, I think they'd work fine being restricted to just the sleeves. -Green Bay - The logo feels a bit goofy but everything else looks good. -Houston - Liking this color scheme a lot, and that HT logo is very clever. I also really like the alternate, it's one of those places that "gimmicky" works. A burnt orange alternate in the same color scheme as the home and away would be great. -Indianapolis - Uniform "grommets" don't really do it for me. Clean design besides that, though not really sold on the alternate either. -Kansas City - I love the logo. The jagged edges design works better on the numbers than the stripes, I think, and it doesn't need to be everywhere for this set to work. -LAC - Perfect. I'd love to see the alternate pants' lighting pattern on the yellow and white pants, rhino included. -Vegas - Home, great. Away, great. Alternate? ...sure. I like the direction, but for a classic team like the Raiders I think it might need to be toned down a bit, which I think can be done while still representing Vegas. -Miami - Loving the color scheme. Loving the alternate. Why? I don't know why, I hate gradient in most cases. But it just works. -Minnesota - Logo is incredible. Home and away are incredible. I'm floored by the alternate. It's just so cool. -NYG - I've always been a fan of incorporating a tower into the identity (both literally and figuratively, with those imposing numbers, which are very nicely done). King Kong is a bit silly, and perhaps too outlandish for the Giants, but hey I dig it. -New England - Admittedly I'm probably being extra-critical here as this is my home team. I don't dislike the stripes but they're not my favorite either, they might have to grow on me. I think if you're going this route, a block font would be preferable for the numbers. I'm also iffy on the alternate (numbers especially), but the tricorn-fronted helmet is really clever. -New Orleans - Another concept where the logo is a bit goofy but here it's easier to overlook. The alternate is a lot, too, I like purple but the mono purple look might be too much. -NYJ - Really solid update of a set I've actually come to like. Alternate is nice too. -Pittsburgh - No complaints here. Only thing I'd like to see is the helmet logo just being the gold circle instead of the P, I think that'd balance things out a bit more. -Philadelphia - I really like these but I can't explain why. They're very sleek. I think the number font could be updated to reflect that, too. -San Francisco - Really well done, the pants stripes are very clever - they're desperately needed on the alternate to avoid the yoga pants look. -Seattle - Really like the number font. The logo works, but I can't get myself to love action green in large doses. Alternate is a beauty. -Tampa - Gorgeous all around. That alternate is so perfectly old-school, the red and creamsicle make that pattern work without becoming overwhelming. -Washington - Loving it, especially the little bits of cherry red. Alternate pays homage in a really neat way. Phew. That was a lot more typing than I expected. I think the overall pattern I'm gathering is that a lot of your alternates would work really well in a "City Edition" type of promotion, and while they may work in that sense I'd rather see a true third option for some teams that matches the home and road (i.e. Red for New England, Orange for Cleveland, etc.). That being said, though some fixes do need to be made I do find myself liking a lot of the gimmicky-ness here, and likewise for most of the designs in this series as a whole. Really great work!
  20. Always loved that logo. Updated version looks even better
  21. Speaking of the Rams, boy will their uniform letdown be even more of a crash-and-burn when they’re compared to these (assuming they do really suck like we’re all expecting)
  22. Those home and away sets are near perfect at a first glance. Loving the yellow pants. The navy CR will have to grow on me but I think both sets are sleek. Really nicely done. (But that blue is basically purple! )
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