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  1. Don't know what you're talking about. Probably more comparable to that weird pic of the alligator wearing sunglasses I'm seeing everywhere...
  2. Would be very New York Giants of them. But I really wouldn't mind
  3. I don’t know, man. Me!! Let me be a nerd
  4. My Pats-fan-biased & hyper-critical first reactions: Things I love: -Overall design which keeps the now-iconic colors and logo -I’m actually finding myself liking the updated number font as a kind of a middle ground between the old block font and what they’ve been wearing for the last 20 years -Sock design is a nod to the 90’s and they’re now consistent (no adidas socks!!) -No TV numbers (we all know they would’ve been tiny) Things that are just alright: -Silver helmet, not terrible but at this point it’s also an iconic part of the look -Monochromatic home uniform is also not the end of the world, but not having a pair of white or silver pants at all is a BIG miss -Double outlines on the numbers... did those really ~need~ to stay? Things that are bad/missing: -Silver or white pants. Not even as an alternative option? -No alternate is disappointing but I’m sure that eventually we’ll see either a 1990’s throwback, a red throwback next year, or a red alternate jersey -The pants and the jersey stripes don’t match in thickness, a glaring issue on the CR which I was hoping they would fix. All in all, though, I’m a fan. Nothing flashy, nothing too obnoxious, not as good as it had the potential to be, but still a solid look.
  5. I caught this too... I can't imagine there'll actually be 2 distinct away uniforms. My guess is just two different combinations (white jersey/white pants and white jersey/colored pants)? But I guess we'll see
  6. Finally, a uniform that this entire forum can unanimously enjoy! (For real though, that Tom decal made me laugh out loud) Also, I'm a little late to this party but I don't think I can stop over-analyzing this old/new/borrowed/blue thing. I'd think "new" just means an updated look and "blue" just refers to blue staying as the primary color. As for differentiating the meanings of "something old" and "something borrowed..." I guess "borrowed" would be a direct throwback and "old" would just be an element of the uniform coming back/staying?
  7. Really liking the direction you took for Vegas, especially that fauxback! Congrats on wrapping up an amazing series!!
  8. ...Plenty of consistency with the stripes. Especially on the away.
  9. That was my confusion, thanks for patching that up. Either way, no flywire = big win
  10. Also, more on the subtle side, I am SO glad they ditched that old flywire template. Edit: Wait I guess they didn't? Huh??
  11. Looks like the horseshoe on the helmet matches the primary logo, a great fix
  12. Agreeing with your take here - the dark jersey is fantastic and would be great as an alternate. The idea, unfortunately, doesn't really translate well on a light jersey.
  13. I think (really hope) it's the black jerseys
  14. I'd just have the word mark moved above the number, and have the number shifted down - possibly shift down the entire honeycomb pattern as well so the entire number fits within one of the hexagons.
  15. Really strong update, loving that alternate but I think it needs either "Charlotte" or "Hornets" above the numbers.
  16. Have to agree here. Not sure what it is, but I never find myself liking jerseys with abbreviated names (CHA, PHX, what have you) and city nicknames, especially if the city's name isn't displayed in full on at least one of the uniforms.
  17. That's too bad, could it possibly be due to development coming to a halt now that everything has been put on hold?
  18. Really digging the overall design of the hornets here, especially the side striping. The honeycomb pattern works especially well on the alternate!
  19. Hawks look great, I always brushed away the idea that the triangle pattern could ever look good but it really works here! I don't mind the Celtics, but I feel like those are some of the few uniforms in sports you just can't touch. I love the city edition, and I'm a fan of the alternate but I feel the gold needs to be kept as a trim and the stripes should be more green-heavy. Brooklyn looks great too, as well as all your logo updates. Excited for the rest of the sets!
  20. Oh, and it says "Falcons" in full on the inside collar. You have got to be joking.
  21. Helmet front bumper? Perfect place for ATL. Front of the jersey? Absolutely not.
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