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  1. All of these are good so far. Any chance at red pants for Montreal?
  2. All of these updates are fantastic. The sublimated cannon looks amazing on the Jackets' jerseys.
  3. Not really a fan of the print but everything else looks good.
  4. I agree with @KittSmith_95 I'd love to see some third jerseys. I usually love these crossover series, and so far this is no different. Cant wait for the rest
  5. Rams look good, but I would've liked a blue alternate at least.
  6. The yellow is a little odd. I'd go with a more yellow-than-neon look
  7. Well I'm Massachusetts, right between Boston and Providence, but I go to a (Providence) Bruins game sometimes
  8. I always liked Minnesota having only subtle traces of red. Glad it wasn't the main color of the third jersey but was still more prominent.
  9. Uh... I'm pretty sure the letter R faces only one way. As for the Redskins though, I like everything about them except for the lettering on the pants
  10. Glad that orange is the primary jersey, but I don't think it would go well with black pants
  11. 76ers look great, not sure about that cream though
  12. Bridgeport looks good. Only thing I'd change is the numbering on the away jersey, I think white or even blue or orange would fit better.
  13. Paul Pierce on Brooklyn/Washington/LAC. Hope he retires a Celtic
  14. I like that Preds alternate, and the home and road are a definite upgrade from what they have now. Can't wait for the Sharks
  15. Detroit and updated Thunder look great. What was changed with Brooklyn?
  16. Also, any plans to run this like a fictional league or is it solely concepts?
  17. I love the contrast between the blue and the cream. I'd like to see a team in the Rochester NY/Buffalo area. Also, 3 uniforms plus a throwback/fauxback, or 3 uniforms including a throwback/fauxback?
  18. I like the Green on the Devils' jerseys. I also think the shoulders of the Avs jerseys. Also, how big is the paper/canvas that you use to draw these? The detail is so precise and your work is amazing.
  19. The Nets look good. Love the Bridge being incorporated into the logo
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