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A H L 's Aeros to unveil new colors...

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...yeah, one that sucked.

I'm hoping that popular demand has caused them to go back to the stuff they had the season before, which was brilliant.

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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I hope they go back to the uniforms they had in the 2002-2003 season. The jerseys looked really great and that's what made them stand out. I especially love the green jersey. You don't see enough of those jerseys on the ice!! ( also love them because we use it in our rec league!! ) B)

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to be from the other point of view, i actually liked the new logo they introduced last year. maybe what they will do is re-color the old logo w/ the new colors, just like every team (well, it seems like every team) in the NBA is doing.

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*shakes head*

the Mild colors don't fit with teh Aeros. this...this...this just plain wrong in my eyes :cursing:

serious...this is just wrong.


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oh... my... god... :puke:

even the stars farm team wears mooterus colors now......... i'm so scared the dallas stars are going to incorporate red into their uniforms full-time in the coming years, and that would break my heart.

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WTF :cursing:

They took a blank Minnesota Wild jersey and slapped their logo on it... Bah gawd, even I could do a better job than that... Hell, anybody else on this board could do a better job than that because we actually have CREATIVITY!!! Anybody could've taken that logo and ran with it, but NOOOOOOOOO they had to rip off a team that doesn't even have that decent a look... That's a shame what they did



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That hurts... A nice original logo wasted on "stock" jerseys?

Not enough money in the coffers to pay for a shirt to be built from scratch?

who said a farm team needs to match their parent?

At least the Bulldogs have a shirt that carries a winning tradition.

Isn't gold common to both the Stars and Wild? Why isn't there any in the F-18, even if it were only the missiles, and maybe the cockpit.

Stitched directly onto the Jersey?

Anybody can explain the reasoning? any technical explanation? why not screenprint it while you're at it?

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They probably didn't want to do too much to the Aeros as the Wild will most likely be "taking off" and "landing" in Des Moines, IA next season, as is the rumor.

If that's the case they definitely suceeded in not doing too much.

I love the part about SP designing and producing the jerseys. Wow, how long did it take to copy the Wild template and put the logo on the shoulders?

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