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Survivor Series - Team 1 Logo


Which design should Team 1 Use as their company logo  

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Team 1 - Whchoclte, GMS and Shiznit1083 of Nitroseed's Survivor Series is proud to let the public pick its new logo and company image. The logos depicted (Three G's) are a culmination of our initals, Greg, Greg and Gravito.

Team 1 Logo Schemes

With this logo we take our first step towards unifying our talents and creating a recognizable mark to be used throughout the competition and on the winners trophy.

So pick the logo and be part of our championship team.

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Probably #3, although I'd make the 3 a little easier to discern.

But if I were able to, I'd use my vote to cast a vote against #4. That's all I really feel at all strongly about.

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#4 most definitely...

The whole g-cubed identity with a cubed with Gs like you have it is a perfect identity. It's the most innovative out of the 5.

I really don't see what you guys see in #3. I wouldn't mind #2 though.

Overall, great work though.

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That designs 2 and 4 are winning this vote, pretty much erases most of the faith I had in this community to pick great designs.

2 is nice, clean.. but plain. A little to simple and straight forward.

4 is trite, overdone, and toddler-logoesque.

The rest.. ANY of the rest are creative, unique, take a risk, and say something about the designers capabilities.

I am disapointed in the way this vote is turning out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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