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2015 CFL Uniforms


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1 hour ago, BJ Sands said:


So, um, if this is a preview or indication of adidas' plans for the CFL...


"Hey kids! So we aren't as good as the NFL at all and only have a few teams, but look at these fire uniforms!" -Adidas

Honestly these probably aren't a super good indication of the actual uniforms they'll come out with.

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They look like regular shorts and not football pants.  I think the 3 stripes might actually look better than that weird triangle shaped pattern that half the teams have. I actually don't think things will get too crazy with Adidas coming in.  Saskatchewan and Edmonton definitely needed to be changed, but could it really get any worse than what they have now? 

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5 hours ago, seattlesonicsofsacramento said:



So Adidas has finally decided to slap their 3 stripes down football pants legs...great. Best of all, that's one of the least egregious design decisions in this uniform.

So I'm guessing these combine unis may transfer over to the training gear? Good to see the design _ichigan used. Hopefully this means Techfit/Shockweb will be limited in the league's game jerseys. Hopefully o one else is on fire once the real games begin.

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