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2015 CFL Uniforms


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I seriously had no inkling that this was even in the pipeline, but now that I've had a chance to digest this after the horror of seeing this show up on my Facebook news feed....

This commits the greatest sin of design imaginable, it's dull and boring, made worse when it stands next the boldness of the previous logo. I could have come up with this using MS Paint. It's like something you would slap on a jar of mayonnaise. You don't want to be known as the mayonnaise of sports leagues.

If they wanted to dull it down a bit, they could have gone with a simple shield logo like the NFL, NHL and MLS. They could have gone with a version of what the CFLPA uses which would be a black and red version of what MLB and the NBA uses.

As someone who is passionate about the CFL, I'm utterly horrified...

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I hate this logo. More of this overly simplified, clip art-esque crap. Both the logos with the football helmet and the half Maple Leaf logos were good logos that were simple, but had a sort of pizzazz to them. I still love the league, but THIS is really the best you can do?

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Ottawa looks like the Orlando Predators.


And that's not a good thing.

If Ottawa were to put the plaid pattern on the sleeves these would improve by a bit. I also like Orlando's old look compared to the templated Russell BS they wear now. Hopefully Under Armour fixes that if they are taking over uniforms and not just shoes and gloves.
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So, this happened...

I didn't think it warranted its own thread.

It didn't warrant that post either. You're only 6 hrs and a page behind :)

As for the new logo, while I admit to just yesterday thinking that the old slanted maple leaf logo was getting a bit dated while the awards featuring it were handed out, this is by no means an improvement. I kind of like the 3 laces/3downs thing, but otherwise it's a significant downgrade design wise.

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I wonder if any team will get a new logo?

CFL currently has some pretty solid marks for their teams. Do you think any of the teams need a new logo?

Montreal's logo is horrible (as is the similar one before it) and I don't know why anyone defends it:


Their whole current identity needs to be nuked. Update/pull from the past identities or go back to the drawing board.

I feel like BC and Calgary could use modernizations of their logos. They just look a bit high school-quality at the moment.

Edmonton might be able to use a more sharpened look for their logo; if not, they just need to make sure it's bigger on the helmets. And I don't know much about Winnipeg's visual history, but using a block W as a primary logo for a professional sports team is pretty bush league.

I believe MTL is one of the nexts on the logo redo table.

Team loosing momentum, not playing soldout anymore, not sure sells lots of souvenirs items etc... They used that design very long ago, heck, it goes to to relo of the team from Baltimore.

Like, they need to open a new chapter after Calvillo's era as a player.

I'd like a new logo. It would make sense.

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Underwhelmed by the new CFL logo here. I like the old, what was it, 1969 version of the logo and I remember being apprehensive when they announced a change was coming in 2002. However, they nailed it and I was happy with the end result.

There was nothing stale or dated about the current logo, so the change was pointless to begin with. But they replaced it with a new one that's just dull, bland and forgettable. Not terrible, but certainly not good. I'm not impressed.

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If the CFL is willing to completely trash their logo, then, I have a very good feeling that they are working on allowing Adidas to completely molest the jerseys. Get ready for a whole lotta collegiate crap.

From Chris's post on it:

“The time has come to update and transform how we present ourselves,” Canadian Football League commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said during his state of the league address today, his first as commissioner of the league. “Our great fans will be the first to tell you: we need more fans. And in particular, we need to attract the next generation of fans, so this league is strong for years to come.”

The logo change makes a lot of sense if this is really the CFL's strategy going forward. Like I said, the new logo is very Web 3.0, basically something you'd see as an app button for a smartphone. So yeah, I'd be completely unsurprised if Adidas goes full #adiswag #icedout next year.

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The perfect CFL logo:


Simple and clean. This logo should never have been changed. It could be used for the next hundred years.

That logo was really good. I actually grew to really like the one they for whatever stupid reason decided to scrap for that new generic piece of garbage new logo.

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