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NHL by Adidas - Ottawa Senators 3/2


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I've been developing an NHL by Adidas series over the last month, so I thought I'd post some of them on here. I'm not very consistent with posting so here are the first two...


There are so many good concepts with the Ducks so I went with a more traditional look for the team. It's inspired by their new alternate, with the obvious colour choice. Rip it apart!



The Coyotes new rebrand is devastatingly terrible IMO. The black and white need to be replaced with sand. The team is only one of two teams that use that colour, the other being the Wild. The striping is patterned like it should be. Have at it!



IMO, nothing is untouchable. Black needs to be replaced with brown and it would be the most unique but incredibly awesome colour scheme in the league. You may hate it but tell me if you do!



Fonts - Conrad Burry
Logos - Chris Creamer
Template - Taylor Roy (based off of Matt McElroy's Iceborn template)

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That Bruins logo really needs to be left in the past... The current one tops it in every conceivable way. That being said, I love what you did for the Coyotes. Nice and understated with the subtle nod to the 'Kachina' identity. Looking forward to seeing more!

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Nice job so far! I'm curious to see what Anaheim's set would look like in orange/green. But keep it up.

The placement of the adidas logo is fine by me, though I would think that the back would only don the script since the three stripes are already on the collar. But that's just my take on it.

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The Sabres have something so close to perfect. Eliminate the grey and take out the nice armpit decorations. This was a no brainer. Nothing new, but something classic.



Calgary's throwback uniforms were perfect beyond perfect. I wanted to take out black entirely. I know there is a lot of similarities to Buffalo, though. The home is basically the throwback and the road is the obvious white version of it.



Carolina's new jerseys could be better, and they aren't awful. I've gotten a lot of comments about the phantom yoke so let me know what you think.


The next three teams will be up tomorrow so let's rip these apart for the next 24 hours!

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I like what you did with Carolina for the most part. It's at least something I haven't seen before but is plausible. I'd actually change the numbers to white outlined in black on the red jersey. Also remove the pant stripes and maybe just do the black trim like their old pants. Also, add the flag logo to the shoulders.

An idea I've had for a long time is for Carolina's phantom yoke to have a notch at each end to mimick the logo shape.

Buffalo is good and breaks up the colors on the dark jersey for some white.

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ANA: I'm in the minority here, but I've always preferred the black/orange/bronze to the eggplant and jade, and find the 90's logo too cartoonish. The concept is classy enough to balance out those elements. It bothers me that the hem/arm stripes don't match.

AZ: Great colour scheme, and I like the idea of a patterned stripe, just not that pattern. It's boring and ugly, and reminiscent of Carolina's storm flags. Maybe try the state flag sun rays, or a Native American inspired pattern (I've always liked the Aztec triangles). I would also change the number font to make it match your chosen pattern, right now the rounded numbers clash with the blocky pattern. Could also us an outline

BOS: Perfect, love the brown

BUF: White jersey feels too plain, maybe needs a yoke?

CAL: Use the font and shoulder logo from the new alternate jersey and I'm sold

CAR: No ghost-yoke. Make it black, white, or gone.

Notes for all: No two teams should have the same striping pattern, and already 3 teams are identical. Look into the team's identity history and find a different stripe pattern for all 30 teams (doesn't have to be crazy, even slightly different is good). Also while some teams look good w/out a shoulder logo and some can get away without having one, most teams look much better with one. Of the six you did, only Boston and Buffalo look better with clean shoulders. I recommend the paw print "A" for zona, the duck foot for Anaheim, the Albertan sunset for Calgary, and either a storm flag or just two black squares to symbolize the flags for the canes.

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Canuckleball hit pretty much everything I wanted to say and more, but to reiterate:

Overall: The best thing you have going for you are your color schemes, especially in the case of Arizona and Boston. The idea of AZ going to sand away jerseys is great.

Your concepts are, for the most part, solid, but Im not seeing enough variation between cities to create unique ideas. Like I said, mostly solid, but feeling a tad cookie-cutter. Each team should have their own unique arm striping. Also, no need for ADIDAS branding on the front and back. I say stick with the back. If anything, try the NHL crest on the front.

The lack of shoulder patches is a missed opportunity to add identity and help take designs from good to great.

Anaheim: These look great. I would recommend using the duck foot as a shoulder logo.

Arizona: Loving the use of sand! I would consider an outline for the numbers and name. I feel like the striping is fairly generic and doesnt fit their identity. Maybe consider something with more of a southwest feel. Not as far as the kachina era, but in that direction. I think an oval shoulder patch utilizing the kachina or the paw-print A would be good.

Boston: Other than trying the current logo with the new colors and using their current shoulder patches, I have no suggestions, good work!

Buffalo: Looks good. I think only the away jersey could use shoulder patches.

Calgary: I like it, just give it any shoulder logo except the flaming horse head.

Carolina: other than the phantom yoke, I like it. I think a return to the storm flak striping might be better. Also, the storm flag shoulder patches might help.

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Thank you all for the comments! Here are some edits I will make over the Thanksgiving Weekend...

Anaheim = try current colours and logo

Arizona = use new shoulder patch, try other striping patterns, use a blockier font to match identity

Boston = use current logo

Buffalo = I'm going to try a different striping pattern for you guys, add a shoulder patch

Calgary = use a shoulder patch

Carolina = take out phantom yoke, add flag shoulder patch

I hope I got everything...I know 3 of the 6 teams have the same template and I noticed that but I decided to post it anyways to get your thoughts. Boston and Calgary won't change but Buffalo will. Thank you all for the comments!

I'll post the next three teams for this week tomorrow probably and then edit them all over the weekend and get back at it on Monday. Have a great evening/morning/afternoon and I'll see you all later!

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