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Cross-Sport Tributes


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So after the Cleveland Monsters wore Indians tribute jerseys, I was wondering about other cross-sport tribute jerseys. 






The Monsters also have also done a Cavaliers night.




The Guelph Storm wore Hamilton Tiger-Cats jerseys on Grey Cup Sunday in 2013



The Regina Pats wore Blue Jays jerseys earlier this season




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The St. Louis Blues paid tribute to the Cardinals.

Image result for st. louis blues cardinals


Though they used the wrong number font.  That font was used by the Cardinals in the early 1960s.

1964 cardinals.jpg 


But, by the late 1960s, the Cardinals were back to the standard block font.


Image result for cardinals 1968


The Blues got the number font right when they did a powder blue version.

Related image



And the Cardinals reciprocated.



Image result for st. louis blues cardinals


Image result for st. louis blues cardinals



A weird thing about this is retired numbers seemingly springing back to life.

CCVRUkNVIAA3MZx.jpg Image result for st. louis blues cardinals


blues cardinals 42.jpg



The same sort of bizarre number-related sight occurred when the L.A. Kings wore Dodger jerseys.

Image result for dodgers la kings

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This sort of thing only seems to happen with hockey, where the team tries to incorporate the branding/imagery of the local team from a more popular sport (at least here in the US) 




although you do see other sports occasionally reciprocate if the hockey team is making a playoff run



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Not quite like the rest in this thread, but maybe some would count it? They use it for St. Patrick's Day but was used in-season to honor Red Auerbach as well. They've also used it to honor Celtics championship wins. They have multiple versions of the green jersey over the years.


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Of the four sports, hockey has the best jerseys. So, it would make sense that 'tribute' uniforms would best be done with them.


NBA with tank tops, or even the short sleeve Cavs championship jerseys just don't seem right. Football has the general belief of "Numbers, Must HAVE NUMBERS" that make torso logos odd, such as CFL/WLAF trying to do the small number and giant logos. And baseball are button-up shirts, that although similar logo placement to hockey, are done in by being button-up interfering with them. And the secondary purpose (merchandise), baseball uniforms aren't nearly as popular casual wear as football or hockey jerseys are (football due to just how much we love football, but hockey because it's a visually striking attire). Most people don't walk around wearing NBA jerseys. Or, if they do, they're wearing a white shirt underneath or something due to design.

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